Scientists Have Proved That Luck Really Exists, and Now They Show Us How to Attract It

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Sometimes feeling positive can be an uphill battle as many people around you are miserable. No one wants to be seen as that crazy person grinning all the time too. So I think the best advice out of that list is to be honest with yourself and more importantly make peace with who you are,the negative + positive facets
It has been proven that observation of anything changes it. Whether that is material or thought it can be influenced.

I have manifested many things into my life by meditating and feeling my desires are true.

Example: when I was a grocery clerk I used to get a fair amount of even totals with no cents.

One day I got one and the customers commented about it. I said “ I get lots of even totals “

It became a subject that would pop up during the early part of my shift. I had 5 grocery orders that were even totals. I even had 2 $5 purchases in a row from strangers with different groceries.

The more I talked about it to customers and employees the more times it became a reality.