The One Word That Will Determine the Source of All Your Problems

We at Bright Side recommend that you learn to trust your subconsciousness and try out this psychology test. It will help you fish out that one word from the stream of your thoughts which can reveal the source of all your troubles.

To make sure your end result is as accurate as possible, take the test on your own in a quiet environment. You'll also need a blank piece of paper and a pen.

  • Turn the piece of paper so that it's landscape, and draw 16 thick bullet points in a line going downwards.
  • Turn on that random word generator in your head, and don't restrict its working in any way. Write the words next to the bullet points on your page. You should only write down nouns, and they shouldn't appear more than once.
  • Join the words together in pairs as shown, and think of a common association between them. This can be one, two, or three words. The most important thing is that your intuition prompts you to select a new word that establishes a connection between the first two.
  • Continue to group the words together with new common associations until you reach just one overarching word at the end of the chain. You might want to circle it with a colored highlighter.

So what do we have?

The final word you end up with is the very one that will help you untie the knot of questions and problems that have built up in various areas of your life. Sometimes, the new idea that you need to resolve things comes straight after taking the test; other times it requires a certain amount of time while that problem-solving mechanism in your subconscious gets to work.

Remember! You shouldn't take this test more than once a month so you don't get lost in divergent associations and thoughts. So what was your result? Let us know in the comments.

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