10 Illustrative Relationship Situations You Shouldn’t Ignore

From time to time, we all can bore the people around us. Moreover, we sometimes get bored with ourselves.

Bright Side has collected the signs that your partner is tired of you. They aren't so obvious.

10. He lives in the now.

He doesn’t make plans even for the near future, which you will definitely spend together. Neither does he mention making global plans for a life with you.

9. She has stopped keeping track of the time.

Lateness of 10, 15, and then 30 minutes becomes commonplace. You have to constantly remind her about appointments and the time. Sometimes you even say that everything will start half an hour earlier, just to make sure she’s there on time.

8. He has started to disappear for hours.

Even if you urgently need his help, he'll respond to the message only after a day. And even if you don’t need help and just write to him, you've stopped expecting a quick answer.

7. She has begun to hide even the most ordinary things.

You are watching a movie together, and then there’s a call or a message. It’s long after office hours. But when asking who it is and what they want, you will certainly hear about work and very important questions.

6. He does not remember holidays.

New Year’s or Valentine's Day – it doesn't matter because, for him, these are ordinary days. Nothing special. Even if you arrange everything, he will make up an absurd excuse justifying the absence of a gift.

5. She doesn’t want to communicate with your friends.

Every time you offer to meet up with a group of friends, you get outrage in response. She doesn’t take your friends seriously and believes you are better off not hanging out with them either.

4. He blames failures at work on anybody but himself.

He began to blame you for the fact that he didn't get a raise or a promotion, although you have nothing to do with his work. Such a person never confesses that he procrastinates at work instead of becoming the best employee.

3. She has stopped taking care of herself.

"Negligence in everything and always." This is the motto your girl has chosen for herself. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out to eat, visit your parents, or take a walk in a park, she is unlikely to worry about her appearance.

2. He is completely unprepared for responsibility.

This is a clear sign that your partner is too childish. It seems that it's time to think about family, children, life, and budget planning, but to him it’s not as interesting as playing a new video game.

1. She is not as tender as before.

Previously, she loved your strong embraces so much, but now she avoids the moments when you become closer than half a meter. And if you manage to hug her, it's unlikely you will feel any reciprocal tenderness from her side.

If you notice these signs, think about what you can do to reverse the trajectory of your relationship. Try to talk to your partner about what they are dissatisfied with. Relationships are hard and require work from both sides. But it's always worth it. Best of luck to you!

Illustrated by Alena Sofronova for Bright Side
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