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10 Reasons Solitude Is Good for You

We all want to love and to be loved, and sometimes we’re even ready to sacrifice our own happiness for the sake of love. But it turns out that relationships can be really inconvenient for personal growth and development. While your single years can be considered to be the most productive and liberating time of your life.

We at Bright Side collected 10 reasons why it’s actually good to be single and what benefits you might get from it.

10. You can do what you want.

Tastes differ, and those who’ve been in a relationship for a long time know this like nobody else. What to eat for dinner, which kind of music to listen to during your couch date, whether to go shopping or to a soccer game — you always have these kinds of little arguments with your partner, although you don’t mean to hurt their feelings.

When you’re single, you have the opportunity to do whatever you want and nobody will blame you for your choice. You don’t have to consider the needs and tastes of another person, and that’s the best kind of freedom you can have.

9. You don’t need to sacrifice your comfort.

After a hard day of work, you probably have no interest in cooking a wholesome dinner or fighting over blankets during the night. And you’re certainly not fond of wearing those tight silk underwear, that your boyfriend likes so much, every single day. Single people are safe from all these little inconveniences and this helps them feel more comfortable.

In fact, it’s already been proven by some studies that being single is the best way to guarantee a good night’s rest. And, as you probably know, those who sleep well tend to have stronger immune systems, healthier hearts, and a lower risk of suffering from stroke or diabetes.

8. You look better.

People who are settled down usually fall into unhealthy habits and gain weight much faster. This weight gain appears to be a direct consequence of courtship and dating — to spend time together, couples usually choose watching television, going to the movies, eating out, and other passive activities.

Solitude gives you the opportunity to concentrate and work on your body. In fact, some studies show that single people are more likely to exercise regularly and meet the recommended amount of weekly physical activity. This is why they look better and slimmer than their married peers.

7. You stay in touch with your friends.

If you’re in a relationship, you often have to sacrifice your personal freedom. It’s not easy to find the time to hang out with your friends because you always have a partner to consider. This isn’t too hard to understand — couples spend a lot of time together so that they can cultivate and improve their relationship.

On the contrary, single people are much more likely to socialize with their friends and neighbors in person and through social media, and they also attend various social activities more frequently. So one of the benefits of being single is that solitude helps you step out of your comfort zone, make a lot of new friends, and keep in touch with your old ones.

6. You set your own schedule.

When you’re single, you’re responsible only for yourself. Just imagine — you don’t have to rearrange your schedule anymore because your partner doesn’t want to go to a restaurant with you or suddenly gets ill. Instead, you can make your own plans and nothing can hold you back.

Single people have complete control over their time. Having dinner in the middle of the night, traveling to another country for the weekend, going to the movies in the early morning — there are no limitations, the rules are all yours.

5. You feel more relaxed.

When we’re in a relationship, we’re constantly analyzing our behavior in certain situations because we worry about our future as a couple. We’re afraid of making mistakes that could scare off our loved ones and this causes additional pressure in our life.

Being single significantly reduces your levels of stress and anxiety and teaches you how to control your emotions better. So when you don’t have to deal with romantic problems, you become mentally stronger and start feeling more relaxed.

4. You become more productive.

Solitude improves your concentration and increases your productivity. That is why most artists, musicians, and authors try to remove all distractions and interruptions when they’re working.

So, instead of chit-chatting with your partner all day, you can finally concentrate on your job. This will help you get more work done in a shorter amount of time and probably build a successful career.

3. You establish your own priorities.

When you’re in a relationship, you always have to take into account your partner’s opinion. That’s why most couples spend a lot of time planning weddings, vacations, and other important events together. However, they never plan how to get the most out of their own life, and this leaves them deeply dissatisfied in the end.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re living your best life as an individual, and taking a break from a romantic relationship might help with this. Spending time alone can give you a chance to assess what’s important to you and create your own goals according to your true passions. Only then can you be sure that there’s a purpose in your life.

2. You save your energy.

It can be really exhausting to keep your relationship with some people alive. So if you feel that your partner literally drains your energy, this could be a sign that you’re incompatible with each other and it’s better to be alone than to sacrifice your life for nothing.

The most important thing you should understand is that there’s nothing wrong with being alone. On the contrary, when we avoid the wrong people, we are making a choice and making the space to bring the best people for us, into our life. Meanwhile, you can turn your free time and energy into the things that you’re truly interested in and simply enjoy your life.

1. You get to know your true self.

Our loved ones usually contribute to how we form our opinion about our lives and ourselves as individuals. That’s why being by yourself with no distractions around you can actually give you the chance to clear your mind and reconsider your values.

When you listen to your inner voice, you can make choices without outside influences. As a result, you start feeling more comfortable and confident in who you really are.

What do you prefer — to be alone or in a relationship? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Illustrated by Alena Tsarkova for Bright Side
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