10 Stories of Couples Proving the Red Thread of Fate Does Exist

There's an ancient Chinese myth insisting that love is a magical thing. It says that if 2 people are destined to be together, then they will meet each other sooner or later no matter how far apart they live. Their lives will always cross, because they are connected by a "red thread."

Bright Side wants to tell you the stories of 10 couples who proved that this legend does exist and two hearts meant to be together will always find a way to each other.

1. Preschool sweethearts found each other on a dating site.

Justin and Amy met online and started dating when they were 32 years old. In this relationship, they felt like they had known each other forever. One day Justin told her a story about his first crush, who was also named Amy, that he knew in preschool. Then he accidentally mentioned that he went to Sunshine Preschool. Since they are the same age, they realized they had gone to preschool together. That's how they found out they had been childhood sweethearts who finally found each other in their own way.

2. They were born to be together.

Madeline's mom is Adam's mom's best friend. They were thrilled by the fact they got pregnant almost at the same time. After giving birth, they lived in separate cities but often told their kids about their friendship. They had heard a lot about each other from their moms. In high school, Madeline's family decided to visit Adam's family in Westchester, NY and they easily became best friends. One day, Adam called her and asked her to go with him to his prom which is where they realized they were destined to be together. Despite the fact they're at different colleges now, their love is still going strong.

3. She found her fiance in an old beach photo.

One day Verona was looking at her old family photos. She decided to show one of them to her boyfriend just to laugh about it. He noticed a kid in the background and remembered that he had had the same T-shirt, shorts, and raft. So Mirand, her boyfriend, started to analyze the situation a little deeper, pulling in family members to confirm, and realized that the kid in the photo was him. He had photobombed his future wife's family photo 10 years earlier.

4. A couple discover that they appear in the same photo.

Mr. Ye met and fell in love with his wife in 2011 in Chegdu and they currently have twin daughters. One day Mr. Ye was looking at his wife's old photos and made a surprising discovery. He realized that in July of 2000 they were both at May Fourth Square at the exact same time. Thanks to his family's photo album they realized that their paths had already crossed when they were teenagers. Now they want to bring the whole family to the same place to take a photo together.

5. His wife was his first friend.

Kathleen was his first friend. Their families did almost everything together when they lived in Geneva. When he turned 5, his family moved to the United States and their families started to live separately. After decades, their parents found each other again thanks to Facebook. Kathleen's family visited his in the states. She was 17 and he was 18 when he started to have feelings for her. But her family returned to Switzerland and they lost touch again. When his mother passsed away, Kathleen reached out to him on Facebook and they started to talk every day. They went through 7 years in a long-distance relationship and now they're happily married.

6. He proposed to her in the preschool classroom where it all began.

He met Laura in preschool. He clearly remembers himself being 3 years old, standing in front of his preschool friends promising to marry her someday. As kids, they were really close, but they lost touch when they entered elementary school. After that, they saw each other only on the Christmas cards sent by their parents. It wasn't until high school that they reconnected and started dating soon after. He stayed true to his childhood pledge and married Laura after college.

7. The internet connected two soulmates.

Their story began in Saudi Arabia where their parents worked for the oil company Armco. Their families were close and spent most of their holidays together. But their lives went separate ways when their families decided to move to the United States. She found Michael 20 years later through the magic of the internet. They reconnected through reminiscing about their childhood memories and realized that they felt like soulmates destined to be together.

8. Two first loves reunited after many years living in different countries.

He was her first crush in high school. They lived next door in Canada, but fate separated them when he moved to Argentina. There was nothing they could do in this situation and they thought they would never see each other again. After many years Ramiro decided to move back to Canada and she couldn't resist her childhood feelings. They started to bump into each other in different places. It felt like fate had pushed them together. Soon after he asked her to be his girlfriend.

9. They walked down the aisle twice.

When they were 5 years old they had to walk down the aisle as a flower girl and a ring bearer. She already had a crush on Adrian, but he acted like he hated her. After the wedding they didn't see each other for a long time. Then they reconnected in high school when they met each other at a church event. They started dating shortly after and soon Adrian proposed to her. They walked down the aisle again at the same church as they did 17 years before.

10. They never gave up on their feelings.

As kids they lived next door to eachother and became best friends. Unfortunately, his parents decided to move to California but didn't lose touch and continued to write letters to each other. He attended the Naval Academy and always visited her family in Connecticut hoping she would be home visiting from college in Philadelphia. Finally she caught on and their flame ignited. He proposed at the Army-Navy football game in 1990. They have shown tremendous strength as a couple throughout his entire military career with all the relocating and trips apart. They've already celebrated their 25th anniversary and haven't lost their spirit of adventure. They still go to rock concerts and climb mountains together.

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