10 Sure Signs You’re Being Deceived

A relationship is a complicated and fragile thing, especially between 2 people in love. It's not always possible to keep the relationship as it was in the early years of dating. When the feelings are gone, not everyone is brave enough to put an end to this, and they may start lying.

Bright Side invites you to look at 10 changes in behavior that should alert you.

10. They worry if you touch their phone.

Not everyone can stand it when people touch their personal things. To them, it's not very pleasant. Yet if you accidentally took your partner's phone and their reaction turned out to be overly strong and negative, and you're absolutely sure they don't have neurosis, maybe they have something to hide from you?

9. They often stay late at work.

Sometimes people who say they work late really work late. And sometimes it's a banal cover for an office romance or an unwillingness to see their partner. Why does it happen? You should search for the answer in a calm discussion. After all, once upon a time you both hurried home after work to dine together.

8. They are jealous for no reason.

In small portions, jealousy is a wonderful feeling. In the first years of a relationship, it's even pleasant because it means that you're surely loved. Yet if years later your partner starts to get jealous out of nowhere, maybe they themselves have "unclean hands."

7. They are irritated by excess attention and care.

We often lack displays of love and attention from our beloved, and people usually enjoy their demonstration.Yet if you dote on your partner and they get irritated or dissatisfied, it's better to stop and look for the reason.

6. The intimacy has long gone.

An intimate life is important for a harmonious relationship. If there's a lot of passion between the partners at the beginning, it may fade over time. A total absence of intimacy is a worrying sign. To save your relationship, talk to your partner. Try to find out what's in their heart and why they went cold on you.

5. You don't discuss plans for a shared future.

Partners like to discuss their plans for the future, especially in the first years of a relationship. Where they will live – in a country house or apartment? Where they'll go traveling – to the Maldives or Bulgaria? What pet they'll get – a cat or a dog? If over time one of you is no longer interested in your shared future, try to find the reason.

4. They give too many presents for no reason.

Everyone likes to get presents. Especially a woman – she feels like a real goddess then. Yet what if there are too many presents and the partner gives them more often than usual? First, you'll be excited about this fact. But later, doubts and logical questions will arise: why do they behave like this? Have they done something to feel ashamed of?

3. They have sharp mood swings.

There may be lots of difficult situations in our lives. We're all exposed to stress and strain. This is why no one is safe from mood swings. Yet if there are too many of them and you're sure it's not about problems at work, maybe it's better to have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner to understand what's going on.

2. They change the subject during a serious conversation.

It's not the best time to have a serious conversation right after work or before going to bed. Yet if your partner flatly refuses to talk about crucial topics even in a good moment, maybe they're just trying to avoid such conversations. It may be a sign that you should worry about the future of your relationship.

1. They are not ready to introduce you to their parents or friends.

If you have been dating for a long time but your partner is in no hurry to introduce you to their best friends or parents, it's an alarming sign. If they're serious about you, they won't hesitate. Do they say they're not ready, while you constantly find excuses for their behavior? Maybe you just don't want to face the truth: you don't hold an important place in your partner's heart.

Illustrator Yekaterina Ragozina for Bright Side
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