10 Types of Women Men Date Before They Meet the One

A man’s path to “the one” often includes some different types of girls and psychologist Samantha Rodman thinks that every girl can be classified as a certain type. Without trying to offend anyone, she has divided all the women that men are likely to meet into 10 categories.

We at Bright Side believe that most women fall into one of these categories, so we’ll tell you about the types of girl your future love has already dated or will date.

Type № 1: Daddy’s girl

These girls are not ready to let a second man into their lives and give him enough attention. Despite their age, this category of women still asks their fathers for help all the time: he gets calls from his daughter in every situation where she needs support or help.

In this situation, even meeting her father won’t help. Whatever a guy does, he will never be better than her father. And according to Samantha, the end of this relationship is more likely to make a man feel bad more than the woman who will most likely get a chance to spend more time with her father.

Type № 2: Party animal

This girl definitely knows where the good parties are and which clubs are the best. If a man wants to accompany her, he’s going to have to be OK meeting and hanging out with a lot of people she knows. They’ll keep her informed about the latest events which could easily annoy the man unless, of course, he is a party animal himself.

You will never be bored with this girl because she always knows where the action is. But when a man wants to spend an evening at home, he shouldn’t have to compete with her social life.

Type № 3: Good student

You can have a really long and interesting conversation with this girl. But only if she finds the time for it because she is literally fixated on her studies and takes additional classes and extracurriculars.

Someone who thinks that studying is the most important thing in life will barely have enough time for anything else. And breaking up the relationship will likely not be a serious problem for her because she always has something to distract her.

Type № 4: Miss Jealousy

Jealousy in a relationship is normal but only when it doesn’t get out of hand. A girl that always reads between the lines and is looking for a reason to get angry is strange. These girls are scared of being alone, they are afraid that their man might choose someone else, or cheat on them with their friends or colleagues.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to prove to this girl that you really just like her colleague’s car and that you are not lusting after her. When you break up, she’ll probably think it’s because you found someone else.

Type № 5: Fan of gossip

Most of the time, these girls love talking because they want to tell their man everything they know about other people. And it’s not always something nice. This girl doesn’t wish evil on other people, she just loves talking.

In a relationship with this girl, men often think that “miss jealousy” is a better option because she at least thinks about him instead of thinking and talking about completely different people.

Type № 6: A girl your mother will love

Men usually feel really comfortable with these girls and they might even think that she is the one. And it’s all great until she meets his mother. Once he introduces them to each other, they find something to talk about right away and continue talking until they forget that anyone else is around.

It’s very likely that this man will soon have the feeling that his girlfriend has a relationship with both him and his mother and this is definitely not a good situation for any guy.

Type № 7: Worried is her second name.

Being moderately worried, just like moderately jealous is perfectly normal in the dating world. But when a girl worries about everything, this can be really irritating. She might call her boyfriend a countless number of times during the day to find out if everything is alright. And it’s not about being jealous, it’s just that she worries too much.

On the one hand, these girls are very attentive and caring, but men usually run away from these types women because they are too controlling.

Type № 8: Drama Queen

There is never a dull moment with these girls, because they are so emotional. And the relationship is actually never easy. It’s not difficult to get them to go somewhere, but at the same time, they often create drama even when there is no good reason for it. These couples may even start dating and break up several times.

Yes, you might never get bored with this girl but you will surely get tired of the emotional outbursts.

Type № 9: Fancy girl

These girls are trendy, stylish, and they know everything about fashion. They know what clothes to wear in order to attract other people’s attention and they are the ones who always look perfect.

The only thing that can happen here is the desire to “fix” her man’s wardrobe to make him trendy too. And men might not like getting rid of their favorite 5-year-old T-shirts that look “as good as new.”

Type № 10: Beauty Queen

These girls, like fancy girls, are very beautiful and they get a lot of attention from men. Most of the time, the guy who dates her doesn’t even understand why she chose him.

A beautiful appearance is great but you may soon realize that you have nothing to talk about. And this type of relationship is doomed.

The One

All men are different, just like women. So all men will have their own version of “the one” who is different from all the others. For one man she will be “the one,” and for another she will be just a girl, like one of the types we described above.

But “the one” is a girl who laughs at her boyfriend’s jokes, and he laughs at hers. She is someone who might have completely different taste in art, cinema, or music, but they still somehow have a lot in common. She is good with her boyfriend’s mother and his friends. She is not too jealous or emotional. And she is someone he deserves after his interesting path in life.

Dear women, which category do you think you are in from Samantha’s list? And dear men, share your stories of these girls — maybe you’ve met each type?

Illustrated by Natalia Breeva for Bright Side
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