11 Classy Stories That Could Only Happen With Students

Student years are a marvelous time filled with bright and amazing events. First love, great parties, the niceties of living in a dorm. And then there's the eternal lack of money, sleepless nights over essays, and nasty teachers.

Bright Side has collected 11 enchanting stories proving that, although student years might not be the easiest, they're still an unforgettable period in a person's life.

  • At one of our student boozes, my groupmate was annoyed with the attention of some strange guy from our course. She asked me to pretend that she was my girlfriend. It was something like, "Sit with me for half an hour, and he will get lost." And I did it. She pointedly kissed my cheek. Then one day I escorted her from our university to the bus stop. That guy was still bothering her. I warned him to stop annoying "my girlfriend." All that was to help my groupmate. We were good at pretending to be a couple. To cut the story short, she recently gave birth to our second child. I definitely overdid the help at some point...
  • I upload my photos to Instagram once a year, just to remind my relatives what I look like. I am a medical student.
  • I was on my way home on a crowded subway train, trying my best not to fall asleep in a standing position. Opposite me, there sat a nice old lady who was reading something. Eventually, I fell asleep. The train suddenly stopped, and I fell onto this old lady. Of course, I instantly started to apologize, but the people nearby started to call me a lout. Finally, the old lady said, "Why are you scolding this boy? Can't you see that he is a student? He is probably hungry." Then she addressed me with, "Don't listen to them. You didn't do anything wrong." With these words, she got a candy out of her bag and gave it to me.
  • There were times when, as a student, I was renting a flat. I got myself a street cat, but I didn't have any food for her because I didn't have any money. When we ate dumplings, I gave her all the meat stuffing out of them and ate only the dough. Now she loves me a lot!
  • At my university, there was a chemistry teacher by the name of Copper Smith. One student didn't attend his lectures. And when he appeared for his exam, he asked his friends the name of the teacher. They decided to play a joke on him and said that his name was Copper Tin. This guy had to retake the examination once again.
  • My uncle is a teacher in a university. He asked me to order a pen, the ink of which disappears some time after writing. Yesterday it arrived. Today my satisfied uncle came to visit us, boasting, "Do you remember that I had a group of students I didn't like much? Today I wrote their examination results with this pen!" Poor students.
  • I once forgot my bag at the final tram stop. When I realized it, I was very disappointed because my money, keys, notes, and other stuff were in this bag. I filled in a form about the loss at the head office, and an old conductor started to ask me about the contents of my bag. I mentioned all the things, but he said, "I won't give you the bag because you didn't mention everything. What is the most important thing for a student?" I started to cry, and he started to laugh, giving back my bag with the word, "Sandwiches!"

  • Being a student means closing your eyes at the hairdresser's to protect them from falling hair...and eventually falling asleep.
  • I graduated from university 2 years ago. While preparing my thesis work, I realized that nobody reads it FULLY. Sometimes even a student doesn't do so. Here is a quote from an accepted and signed thesis: "A parameter to evaluate the effect of gravity and the length of mammoth wool on the debit of an oil well has been obtained."
  • Once I was boozing with unknown company. They looked like typical chavs. When they turned on music, I was shocked. We created a fire listening to Vivaldi, laid the table enjoying Figaro's arias, and sang folk songs a cappella. They turned out to be students of the Conservatory. They are extremely talented, although they drink a lot.
  • I enrolled at an institute in Moscow. 2 days before the start of classes, I moved to the dorm. On the first day, I bought 2 pieces of ham and decided to fry them. I was living on the 8th floor, and the kitchens were on the 5th and 11th floors. I took my frying pan and went to the 5th floor. There was nobody in the kitchen. I switched on the stove and started to cook. When the ham was well fried on one side, I realized that I didn't have anything to turn it over with. So I left my cooking on the stove and went to my room for a fork. 3 minutes later, I came back to the kitchen, opened the pan, and found that there was only one piece left!

What memorable events did you have during your student years? Please share them in the comment section below!

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