11 Important Signs That You’re Ready to Become Parents

It's a little bit too late to evaluate your parenting readiness when a pregnancy test shows you 2 bright lines. However childless couples can still take some time to think about whether it's "too soon" or "about the right time."

Bright Side believes that you can't predict everything, but your future baby will surely be the happiest if...

11. Having a baby is a mutual decision.

The basis of a healthy relationship is honesty and mutual respect. You can't simply ignore you partner's wishes. You are more than just a bio material producer and an incubator for each other. Therefore, to avoid future conflict and misunderstanding, you should discuss baby issues in advance.

10. A baby will not solve family problems.

Sometimes babies can really "seal the cracks" in a marriage by drawing the parents' full attention and making them forget about their fights. But the other side of the story shows that the changes and troubles that can occur after a baby's birth might only make a marriage worse. Your baby is not a peacemaker, but he or she surely deserves to be born into a happy family.

9. It's a baby, not a perfect role model.

You probably have certain dreams about your baby's future looks and talents. But you should understand that your unborn baby might not live up to your standards. You have to accept that and love your baby, whatever he or she is.

8. Be realistic about your abilities.

A perfect carefree parent is a rare breed. But don't feel hopeless before you've even started. Just take off your rose-colored glasses, put up with your little imperfections, and be ready to work on errors.

7. Don't change your life to someone's standards.

The Internet is bursting with descriptions of "the right life" criteria: when you must have a baby, what a full family means... Enough with that! No one can tell you when your perfect moment comes. You'll feel it yourself.

6. Correctly evaluate possible future troubles.

Some couples anticipate having a baby as an entertaining process. You'll have a lot of fun, for sure, but troubles and worries come in the same package. We can only imagine the impact they'll have on parents' mental states. So you'd better be ready and prepare.

5. Babies come with a wide range of emotions.

All babies are pros in creating a balance between sweetness and raw emotions. When happy parents become too sweet, it's time to spice up the moment. A beautiful angel will explore the world with the delicacy of the Hulk. Calm down, and accept it.

4. "A pregnancy" and "a nightmare" are not synonyms.

You don't have to do a parachute jump to overcome a fear of heights. The same rule applies to being pregnant: some worries can be reduced beforehand.

3. Pay close attention to financial planning.

After a baby is born, your expenses might very quickly exceed your income. However, a moderate amount of savings can improve the situation. Your future baby will require good food and care.

2. You are ready to grow as a parent.

Your baby is a complex "mechanism." Crying mode can be activated at any moment, and there's no switch to turn it off immediately. You'll have to act by yourself to cope with the situation.

1. The decision to become parents is thoughtful and not imposed.

We've all heard the scary stories about getting old alone with no one to bring a glass of water or a pair of socks. Having a baby is only your decision. You have to think about your wishes and abilities and forget about what everyone else thinks.

Illustrator Yekaterina Ragozina for Bright Side
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