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11 Relationship Situations You Should Never Put up With

We live in a world of progressive technologies, but sometimes we still follow outdated rules in our relationships. For example, situations that are forbidden to be discussed.

Bright Side is going to show how unhappy people with secrets can be. Most of the prohibited topics are in conflict with happy relationships. Read on, and make sure we are right.

11. Health

You aren’t a hypochondriac just because you feel bad, but don’t pretend you’re immortal. Let your partner help you because you both are on one and the same team. And you can always support each other.

10. Intimate moments

It’s evident that if a person doesn’t know what the problem is, they can’t resolve it. However, many couples are sure that sex problems can disappear by themselves. But they won’t. That’s why common sense should prevail over shyness.

9. Your funny and weird habits

Everyone has their own bizarre habits. Some people are shy, and some people like to dance with maracas. You might like comics, LEGO, and the Backstreet Boys. Your beloved has such "addictions" too. Try to share your habits. You probably have much more in common than you realize.

8. Indifference toward kids

Of course, it’s a myth that everyone likes kids. You can postpone family planning if you’re not ready. But you should discuss it with your partner.

7. Financial issues

“We have no money.“ ”We don’t need to buy it now." Some people are too shy to say these things because they are afraid to look avaricious and greedy. It’s really important to discuss a family budget using the right words.

6. Partner’s drawbacks and failures

You shouldn’t always blame your beloved, but you definitely have to discuss everything in a peaceful manner because it’s bad to keep it all to yourself.

5. The right to stay alone

Everyone has their own right to become a couch potato for a while. Sometimes we need to stay alone with our thoughts and have no one disturb us. We should understand that the phrase “I want to have some rest“ is not equal to ”I don’t love you anymore."

4. Personal issues

There is no doubt that no one likes it when someone tells the same story over and over again. But silence makes the situation worse. There is a fine line between reticence and an unwillingness to upset someone.

3. Parents

It’s good when you reach a compromise with your partner’s parents. But if you feel that they want to control your life, don’t hesitate to have a little heart-to-heart. Remind your partner (and yourself) that you have your own family, not the whole family clan.

2. Plans for the future

You don’t have to follow the "right" life scenario if it is contradictory to your dreams. Needless sacrifices are terrible for both of you. Do you want any changes in your life? Share them with your partner. What if your beloved wants the same? If they don’t, you may discuss other variants.

1. Appearance complexes

A happy relationship and criticisms of appearance can never be found together. Of course, everyone likes handsome facial features and fit bodies. But you love your partner not because of their appearance. Your beloved follows the rule "don’t judge a book by its cover" as well.

Topics that are still to be avoided:

  • Comparison with others. Forget phrases like “But he/she does...and you don’t...“ and ”You are like my mom/dad..." and so on.
  • Partner’s weaknesses. Everyone has worries that are to be forgotten. Don’t plunge your beloved into their personal tragedies.
  • Fantasies like “My dream girlfriend/boyfriend...” Such things only make partners think they are not good enough. It’s not inspiring at all.
  • Talking about your exes. Your past should stay in the past. Don’t let it spoil your present relationship.
  • Negative comments about your beloved’s parents/friends. Opinions can change, but your partner will always remember unflattering words.

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