11 Touching Stories That Prove Marriage Is Awesome

Marriage is something that some people try to get into and others try to escape from.

Bright Side found 11 inspiring stories proving that if your other half was wisely chosen, marriage can be a real pleasure.

  • My husband is from another country and knows only a few words in English. However, these 4 words are enough to keep up with any conversation: really, oh great, and damn. It doesn't even matter what we talk about.
    Here's our recent conversation:
    — Honey, I'm so tired.
    — Really?
    — Yeah, I don't feel like cooking. Let's order a pizza.
    — Oh great!
    — Wait, we don't have any cash.
    — Damn.
    — Shall we go to the ATM?
    — Really?
    We go around in circles. :D
  • I was doing my morning stretches and bent to touch my toes. My husband walked in and said, "Don't bend to me. Just say, 'Good morning, my King!' "
  • I decided to make a romantic dinner for my husband. It's been a while since I last cooked. It's either work or tiredness. So I did. My husband walked in with a big bunch of flowers and said, "It's been a while since I bought you some flowers."
  • My boyfriend is in the hospital. I asked him:
    — How do you like the life of a cat?
    — What do you mean?
    — You eat and sleep. I come, pet you, and leave. You eat and sleep again...
    — Scratch my belly!
  • My husband and I were swimming in the ocean when a crab pinched his leg. In the evening, he told our friends about this accident. Our friend asked, "Where?" (meaning which part of the body). My husband replied, "I already told you. In the ocean."
  • My husband and I were walking in the forest and looking for some mushrooms. 2 big dogs suddenly jumped out of the nearest bush. My husband stood in front of me to protect me. The dog's owner rushed over and took the dogs away. In that moment I realized that he'd give up his life to save me. Words of love are not just words.
  • I picked up my husband from a friend's on my way home. He'd just come back from a 3-day fishing trip, unshaved and in dirty clothes. At the gas station, he went to get a coffee. Several men said to him that he was so young to be homeless. I approached them, looked at my husband from top to bottom, and said, "You're a nice guy. Drive?" He nodded. "Wanna live with me?" He nodded again, trying not to laugh. "Let's go then. Here are the keys!"
  • When my husband proposed to me, I said yes. But I asked if my mom could live with us (I swore to never leave her alone). He agreed and asked to bring his mom too. It scared us a little. 3 women under one roof – an explosive mix. But who knew we were so lucky! My husband and I found a note on the fridge: "Off on a cruise to pick up men. Love you!"
  • Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary. People call it paper. We decided to go to a restaurant, but my mood wasn't so bright. I asked my husband not to buy flowers this time. That evening I saw a small bunch of paper flowers on the front seat of the car. He said he'd been trying to make an origami flower for the whole day. Later he even tried to teach me how to do it. And you know, it's the best flower I've ever received.
  • My wife has just come back from her first Italian class. She's beaming with pride. "What's the big deal?" I ask. She says, "We studied the numerals 1 to 30. The teacher said it would be enough since we're so young. But then he invited each student to say their own age." 42 years, and she's still the same...
  • My husband has a special notebook where he writes down some phrases I say. He even makes me sign them so that the next time I claim I never said it, he can show me my own signed words. :-)
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