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12 Qualities of Real Men That Make Women Lose Their Minds

12 Qualities of Real Men That Make Women Lose Their Minds

Female logic is extremely hard to understand. No wonder it’s so difficult to imagine what makes the perfect man who can win a woman’s heart.

Bright Side made a list of male qualities that will make every woman lose her mind. If you have at least half of these traits, you are guaranteed to have successful relationships with women.

12. Masculinity

Masculinity is a combination of such qualities as fortitude, generosity, courage, and nobility. This is a set of traits that smart women can’t resist.

11. Sense of humor

A funny joke is a great icebreaker. However, too many jokes may not help you to make a good impression. You will be nothing more than a clown to her, and she won’t take you seriously. But if you have a good sense of humor, you are lucky — most women associate this quality with a high level of intelligence.

10. Taking care and paying attention

Everyone loves attention and wants to be taken care of. Women also consider these qualities as great characteristics of a good father for her future kids.

9. Determination and high energy

Some feel that men are the ones who should make decisions based on what is better for both of you. There are women who don’t like to take responsibility for making decisions, nor do they like lazy and spiritless men. If you want to become a total woman magnet, you need to be very ambitious and enthusiastic.

8. Generosity

This is not just about money. For example, not everyone can be generous with their attention. It can be demonstrated through making someone else feel good. You can be generous by showing your love and expressing positive emotions.

7. Being romantic

A romantic man is something women can’t resist. He turns her life into a nonstop celebration of their feelings and makes her feel loved all the time.

6. Uniqueness

“He is not like everybody else. He is the one and only.“ Women often think that their ”other half" is unique. It’s easier to fall in love with someone who is special.

5. Dependability

There is no guarantee that your new relationship is going to last forever. However, it’s easier to believe it will if you are a dependable person.

4. Understanding

There are days when you just want someone to understand you without making you explain your thoughts and feelings, sometimes without even making you talk. That usually becomes possible when you have been living together for years. However, sometimes you meet a person who immediately makes you feel like you’ve known each other forever. It feels so warm and cozy when you are together.

3. Good manners

This quality is in very high demand nowadays. There are many real gentlemen left. If you know and follow etiquette rules, you have a significant advantage over others.

2. Being handy around the house

A handyman service is called a "husband for a day" for a reason. Being handy around the house is a very valuable quality for all men. Some women are not very good with nails and a hammer and will definitely appreciate your help.

1. Intelligence

We are not talking about your IQ score here. If you are a wise and fair-minded man who thinks carefully before making decisions, you will probably make a good family guy. Some women prefer to relax and rely on their man.


According to British women, the ideal height for a man is 5’ 11″. In general, women prefer to date a man who is approximately 4 inches taller than she is so she can wear high heels for a date.

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