12 Things All Couples Do But Will Never Admit To

Real love is nothing like what appears in romantic comedies, for it's to be found in the little things that people do that make them truly inseparable.

Bright Side has recalled all the ways that people declare their love without saying "I love you." Because love needs no words.

They gossip about other couples and always reach the conclusion that they're better than everyone else.

They think up names for their future children.

They give each other silly nicknames.

They send erotic messages when their partner's in a meeting.

They complain about things to make their partner take pity on them as if they were a child.

They ask each other to check what that thing is on their back.

They smell their partner's clothes when they're not around.

They pull strange faces when taking selfies together.

They fall out over little things because making up feels so good.

They grip something tasty between their teeth and let their partner take a bite.

They think about what they'll be like together in their old age.

They spend entire days lying in bed with tasty food and watching their favorite TV show.

Illustrator: Leonid Khan for Bright Side
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