12 Unexpected Things Science Has Got to Say About Love

They say that feelings and emotions originate from the heart. But the real source is actually our head. That is why strict rules, mathematical equations, and pure chemistry are involved.

Bright Side put together a dozen rules which our human brain follows when it comes to love.

12. A fresh, healthy complexion and healthy habits are a sign of good genes, according to the brain.

Our minds like those who look healthy and lead a genuine lifestyle and those who are ready to eat healthily, move actively, and look fresh even with minor makeup interference. All of this is perceived as good genes.

11. With a smile, the brain can identify whether closer contact can be arranged or if there’s hidden aggression.

The smile is a specific kind of a grin which appeared on the faces of the first human beings when something invaded their privacy. Our brain can distinguish a sincere smile caused by sympathy by recognizing the motions of the facial muscles. And that’s how it can identify whether a person hides aggression or is open to communicating.

10. Our brain likes people who look like our relatives. On one condition...

Women more often choose partners who look like their fathers or brothers. Men prefer women who look like their mothers and sisters. Our brain tries to find a "twin" with whom the probability of strong genes will be the highest. However, it only works if the men or women had warm relationships with their relatives.

9. A bit of fat is beautiful.

The brain perceives a certain amount of fat as a sign that the body lives in comfort. Moreover, the brain knows that if the female body loses fat it means the probability of conception is lower, and the woman will get stressed because of a hormonal disbalance. The main thing here is to find a healthy balance.

8. Symmetry and certain proportions are also beautiful.

Body symmetry is a sign of health. The brain likes rough and prominent features in men and smoothened and plump features with women. When assessing somebody else’s body, the brain visually determines the correlation between the waist and the hips. At the same time, the width of the shoulders and the size of the breasts do not matter.

7. The brain follows fashion trends when choosing a partner.

If the brain doesn’t have enough experience or knowledge, it chooses the partner who is closest to the publicly acknowledged ideal of beauty. That is why, when we are young, we can so easily fall in love with celebrities or those who look like top models from the cover of Vogue.

6. It is important to speak the same language, even if it’s just the language of love.

We instinctively like those people who possess the same vocabulary, use similar expressions and speech constructions, and think as we do. Our brain is a peacemonger and prefers like-minded people. This will exclude conflict situations.

5. The more you touch, the stronger the attraction. If there was one in the first place...

The brain perceives the touching within 2 steps: it first recognizes the one who touched, and only then does it assess the action. It will find the touch pleasant only if there is a sympathy between both of you. And each new touch will just increase the whole impression.

4. Music makes men more attractive to women.

Men become more attractive in the eyes of a woman if music is playing at that very moment. So now there is scientific proof that women actually "love with their ears." Men don’t have that dependency.

3. The more common interests and values you have, the more your brain likes your partner.

They say that opposites attract and parallel lines never meet. In real life, the more the partners have in common, the more chances they have to become a real team capable of withstanding difficulties. This kind of couple has a greater chance of surviving.

2. Our brain prefers responsible people who provide warmth and comfort.

Following our reproductive instinct, our brain prefers responsible partners who can raise a healthy child. When the relationship is full of warmth, oxytocin and vasopressin are discharged in our body. Thanks to these hormones, the partners can easily understand each other and cope with stress in complicated situations. Because child upbringing is not the easiest task.

1. Our brain likes to kiss other people because that is how it defines genetic compatibility.

The first kiss is the most important one. 2 people exchange their liquids, and the receptor cells inside the mouth analyze them and send the genetic information to the brain. If both of you are compatible from a genetic point of view, then oxytocin and serotonin start being discharged. That’s how love begins.

Bonus: From a scientific point of view, your brain can make you fall in love with the wrong person in order to gain experience.

You need not worry about unfortunate affairs. Each decision is first made by your brain and only in a fraction of a second by you. Your brain tries to choose the simplest and the best of given options. But if you don’t have enough experience, it will force you to make a mistake. Every failure is an experience that you need to obtain in order to find your true love.

Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for Bright Side
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