14 Stories About People With a Wonderful Sense of Humor

We have probably all met people with an amazing sense of humor. They are sharp-witted, and they like to make fun of everyone around them. And this trait can be really helpful, especially in difficult situations.

We at Bright Side put together a few stories about people who never get confused. Read and enjoy!

  • I lived with my boyfriend for 6 months, and, eventually, the time came to meet his parents. So we were sitting in the kitchen and waiting for them. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. There stood a man and a woman. They told me that they were our neighbors from downstairs, and I had just flooded their bathroom. I checked everything but found nothing. So I told them to get lost and slammed the door. The doorbell rang again. I opened the door, and those 2 were standing there and laughing. It turned out they were my future parents-in-law, and they decided to play a joke on me.
  • I was riding a bus, and a man was sitting in front of me with a cast on his hand. He noticed me and "shot" me with his plastered hand, saying, "Bang! Bang!" And then he even blew on the smoke from his "pistol." I put a bold face on and pretended to be wounded in the shoulder. We played this shooting duel until the end of the ride. It was fun.
  • I have a very specific sense of humor from my dad. One day, when I was 10, I was watching cartoons, and my father was chopping meat in the kitchen. Suddenly, I heard the sound of an axe hitting the wood, followed by my father's horrible scream. He rushed into the room, his eyes open wide, his hand covered in blood, and a piece of meat instead of his finger. He cried, "Help! Do something! I chopped off my finger! Grab a needle and thread. We need to sew it back on!" I jumped up and started running around, searched for threads, found them, and rushed back to my father with my hands trembling. Then I saw that he was smiling. So I dumbly asked him, "What? It doesn't hurt anymore?" And he said, "Got you! It was a joke. You should have seen your face! But you were good, didn't lose your heart, and didn't pass out. You could be a policeman!" So we laughed, and then he said, "Let's go. I'll wrap your hand with meat. Time to scare Mom!"
  • My friend found her husband thanks to her sense of humor. She has small breasts, and that's why she always uses different push-ups to make them look bigger. Once, we were on the beach. She gracefully unfolded her towel, and, at that very moment, the top of her bikini fell off together with the pseudo-breasts. And she fired away with, "Wow! The wind is strong today! Took my bra and breasts away!" The guy nearby couldn't stop hooting with laughter, so much so that he got sick, and we had to help him. A week later, he asked her to marry him.
  • I was coming home from work. On the way to the bus stop, I bought a pizza. It was hot and smelled delicious. So I took the bus, and we got stuck in a traffic jam. The bus filled with the odors from my pizza, and everyone was hungry. Eventually, one guy said, "Miss, either you leave, or we will have to eat you." So I opened the box and shared the pizza with everyone.
  • I was walking home today, and I saw a man coming toward me. He suddenly stopped, dropped his bags on the ground, and started swinging his arms and clutching his head. Then he picked up his bags and quickly started walking. With my sense of humor, I decided to repeat everything he had just done. He saw and ran so quickly that he even shoved me.
  • I was riding a train, and a handsome guy was sitting right in front of me. At that moment, I was messaging with my friend, and she asked me to take a photo of him. Well, I discreetly pointed the camera at him and snapped a shot. Suddenly, I understood that I forgot to turn off the sound and the flash. The guy started laughing loudly. Then he looked at me and said, "Let's take another shot. I will look into the camera and smile, OK?" So I took a photo of him, and we continued to laugh. I still have the photo in my phone.
  • A friend of mine worked in a cafe. Once, he saw that a cockroach was running on a guest's table. It was a high-class venue, and, of course, such a thing was unacceptable. My friend didn't get confused. He ran to the table and cried, "Georgy, there you are! I thought I'd lost you!" And then he took the bug into his hands and carried it away. For his quick-wittedness, he received a bonus from the management, and the guests were laughing for a long time.
  • Today I mistakenly said to a salesgirl, "OK, Google, do you have cigarettes?" She didn't get confused and replied, "Nothing was found by your request."
  • We had an anatomy exam. While I was preparing, a cute girl was answering her exam questions. One of them was about oral medicine. The moderator enjoyed her answers and decided to tease her a little bit. So he asked her how many times teeth change. It was a very simple question, and even D-students knew the answer. It was "one," from milk teeth to permanent teeth. But the girl got confused and said 2. The moderator became curious and asked, "Which are?" And she said, "From milk teeth to permanent, and then from permanent teeth to golden!" The whole audience roared with laughter, and she got an A.
  • A guy once asked me out in a club, and I don't really like that kind of acquaintance. But he insisted, and I agreed. Only I gave myself a false name. And then he asked, "Give me your phone number. I will call you tomorrow." And I just gave him the number of our nut hospital. We departed. 5 months later, we met on the street by chance, and he recognized me. We laughed about the whole thing. 3 months after that, he proposed to me. I never thought that I would meet the love of my life like this.
  • I was on a bus, and the driver hit the brakes. A woman was holding a baby and standing at this moment to get off at the next stop. The child fell out of her hands and right into the hands of a man sitting next to her. The child started crying and called the man "Daddy." The man didn't get confused and replied, "Hello, Sonny!" The whole bus started laughing.
  • Peter stammered. Not really hard, but he pretended when it was needed. He also had a sense of humor. We had an exam in higher mathematics. The moderator was a female professor, and she was strict. So Peter entered, took his examination card, and then took out a loaf of bread, some tinned food, and a knife. He put all of this in front of the astonished woman. "What is this?" she demanded. And the guy answered, stammering really hard, "The qqqqqqqquestions are vvvvvvery cccccccompppplicated. Whhhhhen I ffffffinish, you wwwwwwill bbbbeeee hhhhhungggry." The moderator couldn't stop laughing and gave him a B.
  • I was walking with my classmates from the university. Suddenly, a car stopped, blocking the way, and the driver said, "All of you, stand still! You, in the blue skirt, get inside! Now!" And he pointed at me. So I got in silently. The girls were yelling and running behind the car. And my dad and I couldn't stop laughing. However, now I have to walk alone because the girls refuse to talk to me.
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