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15 Reasons Why It’s A Pleasure to Date a Homebody

When a homebody opens their door for you to enter their world, you will have a blast in ways you didn’t know possible. If you think staying indoors or having fun without a crowd sounds boring, you are in for a nice adventure, because they will somehow prove to you that it can be fun. Dating a homebody can be surprisingly pleasant because they could sweep you off your feet right in the middle of their living rooms!

But if you are still in doubt, Bright Side would like to point out some of the advantages of falling head over heels for a homebody.

1. If a homebody has chosen you, it means you did something amazing to catch their attention.

Think about it, if a person who loves being at home has set their foot outside their doors to meet you for a date, then there is something special about you that they are absolutely in love with.

2. If they dress up nice, you know that they’re doing it for you.

Unless they are going out, throwing a get-together, or someone is coming for a visit, you will know that they put the effort to look good only for you. For a homebody to do this is definitely a special treat, because they are more likely to treasure comfort over beauty.

3. They likely know how to cook delicious meals.

Since they are not into going out much, they surely must be cooking at home, experimenting, and perfecting their skills as a chef. So, if you move in with them, be sure that you will be treated to delicious meals daily!

4. They won’t flirt with others at the local pub because they won’t go to that local pub.

A person who stays inside their home most of the time is very unlikely to venture out to a pub to look for a date if they already are dating you. You can take comfort in the fact they are more likely to stay loyal to you.

5. By staying at home, you 2 can save a lot of money too.

No eating out, no tips or valet fees, you are going to save a heck of a lot of money. You can use these savings on things that matter more to both of you.

6. No one understands the need for personal space better than they do.

Unlike the outside world, a home is often less crowded, especially a home of a homebody. After all, they are someone who prefers their own company more. They would also understand the need for personal space and will respect your privacy the way they expect others to respect theirs.

7. They usually have super comfy homes.

If you are going to stay in your home for long period of time, then you’d better make it comfy. Homebodies know that. Also, they will have a lot of time to keep their home in order. Even if they work from home, they will still save a lot of time by not having to commute.

8. There will be plenty of time to bond.

With all the time they have on their hands, the 2 of you will surely have a lot of time to bond. Be it watching movies together, helping each other at the kitchen, or just cuddling on the couch, you will have more precious moments with them than with someone who isn’t a homebody.

9. They for sure have either a Netflix or an Amazon Prime subscription.

When you are not going out a lot, you have a lot of time to binge-watch interesting movies and TV shows. A homebody’s home will obviously be well equipped for it. Comfy couches, a large TV, and obviously, streaming connections are a must for them.

10. They are book or movie experts, so you will always get reliable suggestions.

If you date a homebody, they are likely to love movies and/or books. Rest assured that if you are in need of some down time with a book or a movie, they will know exactly what to recommend.

11. They are a master at keeping the home clean and comfy.

An unclean home can never belong to a homebody. A homebody would love their home enough to always have it spick and span. And most probably, they will never let you clean their home because they believe that only they can keep their home spotless. Free pass for you!

12. They don’t seek social approval.

Their home is their world. And they don’t care about impressing other people. They have their home, they have you, and their small close-knit friend circle. That’s all they need in life.

13. They have a small and very close-knit friend circle.

Being a homebody does not mean they are anti-social. They could be very social, but their social-circle is small. The good thing for you is that you won’t have to memorize too many names or try to impress the many people that your date cares about.

14. And probably super cuddly pets too...

And there’s a big chance that they already have a furry companion at home with whom they cuddled before the 2 of you met.

15. Your gifts are likely to be homemade or handmade.

Made especially for you, your birthday and anniversary gifts are probably going to be hand-crafted by your date. They will pay more close attention to what you love and create the gifts themselves so that what you get is totally unique.

Would you date a social butterfly or a homebody? Tell us in the comments below.

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