15 Things Women Say That Leave Men Lost for Words

As we all know perfectly well, men and women are very different. Thus, seemingly innocuous stuff a girl might say is often sufficient to blow a guy's mind - even if the male half of humanity is reluctant to admit this.

We at Bright Side have compiled the top 15 phrases that every woman should treat with extra caution while talking to her boyfriend or husband!


In most cases, when a woman says "I'm all right," she really implies that she is anything but. However, men don't always manage to interpret the situation correctly, which can lead to further stress. If you feel truly miserable, just say so right away. Sincerity will prove much more beneficial to your relationship.


There might be many different answers to this question, or there might be no answer at all. In any case, it gets asked most often by the very same person who is the actual reason for the guy's lack of a love life. So if you question a male acquaintance or a colleague on this subject, be prepared to hear "Because you don't want to date me!" in return.


You can ask this question to a female friend or to your mother but not to your boyfriend or spouse. It is highly unlikely that any man will give you an honest reply. In a situation like this, a guy is bound to think that you are asking for a compliment - and that's precisely what you'll get from him, regardless of your figure's true dimensions.


Quite possibly, you had no intention of offending your partner. It's just that you really happen to be better at tightening screws, washing dishes, or choosing ties. But, to a guy, such a phrase sounds like an undermining of his manly prowess.


It's the same thing as with the "Am I getting fat?" question. For guys, there is no right answer in this situation, so they'll tell you what you want to hear (or, at least, what they think you want to hear). After all, let's be honest - even if you wanted to hear the truth, you'd hardly enjoy hearing an affirmative answer!


A man might be thinking about a thousand things at once or about nothing in particular. Just as you yourself might. It's simply that men are much less likely to share their thoughts and feelings, so you shouldn't put your partner in an awkward position with questions like this.


Any recollections about your ex are likely to cause your partner irritation. After all, you're comparing him to a person you eventually split up with.


No man wants to look incompetent in the eyes of his woman, even if he's really unsure of what he's doing. Simply give him your support by showing complete trust in his actions.


This is not merely a question but a signal a girl gives to her partner to look for fresh changes in her appearance. The problem is that guys don't pay attention to little image alterations that we, women, find hugely important. So if you've simply used a different lipstick or dyed your hair a tone darker (and not sprouted a third leg or something like that), your man will likely feel unable to answer your question. And turning this into a prolonged and confusing guessing game won't please either of you!


Prepare to hear a resounding "No!" Not because your partner is greedy but because he offered to order this steak for you ten minutes ago and you refused. And, as we girls know, our "I'll just have a tiny bite!" might easily turn into "Oops, I've accidentally eaten two-thirds of your dinner!"


To a guy, this sounds like you're doubting his mental abilities. After all, how would you react if your boyfriend told you the same thing?!


Even if you're just asking out of curiosity, it might seem to your guy like you're trying to control him. And no one likes total control. Every man and woman is entitled to personal space, including when it comes to text messages.


The first thing that comes into a guy's head on hearing such a question is "It's a trap!" Even if the girl really is beautiful, to say "Yes!" would mean to sign one's own death warrant. The simple fact is that being in love doesn't cause a man to go blind, nor to lose the ability to evaluate what he sees. And there is nothing wrong in this, but you definitely won't get an honest answer from your partner. Then again, who needs to ask such useless questions anyway?


Actually - no. All men, as indeed all women, are different. Each of us has his or her own distinctive principles, hobbies, thoughts, and feelings. The fact that your boyfriend or husband likes something that all men like in general does not make him a mass-produced clone. After all, didn't you choose him out of all those thousands of "identical" men to become your life partner? So stop belittling his individuality!


To a man, this phrase immediately implies something negative. You simply wanted to discuss plans for the weekend, but he's already preparing for a scandal and thinking of ways to defend himself, make excuses, or prove his innocence. And so a light conversation about the upcoming holidays can suddenly turn into a heated showdown.

Illustrated by Natalia Kulakova for Bright Side
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