17 Unusual Wedding Gifts That Will Make Married Life More Fun

Thinking of a present for that favorite couple whose wedding you are attending can be a real struggle, and that's exactly why Bright Side collected 17 unusual gifts every married couple can use to improve their relationship. Or any couple for that matter!

Different temperature bedsheets

How many couples have broken up thanks to temperature preference differences? Fight no more! Bedjet will give you the perfect temperature every time – just on your side of the bed. Isn't that the dream?

Ying-yang bathtub

If you've ever tried to have a romantic bath together, you know how difficult it can be with all those knees, elbows, and small spaces. Invest in a tub that can actually accommodate 2 people, and let them have a relaxing moment together...but not too close together.

Send-a-hug shirt

Have you ever needed a hug to go? This shirt sends hugs via a special technology straight to your loved one.

Couple's rocking chair

Resting and reading are much nicer when you have somebody to share them with. A rocking chair is a staple of a couple's living room, so why not make it for the 2 of you?

Double toilet

For those couples who can't be apart for even a second.

Beauty and the Beast rose

For all the fairy tale lovers! This pretty thing is not only an ornament but an homage to a wonderful story.

Underwear for 2

Not really sure it's comfortable, but it really is intimate.

Double time silent clock

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your spouse's alarm clock is ringing, but you don't need to wake for another 2 hours? Well, here is an alarm clock you can set to different times. Just put a ring on your finger, and wait for it to vibrate and wake you up. No ringing, no fighting, no problems.

Paper intimacy

If you have ever longed for some eye-to-eye time in public, this little invention will help you out.

Shared hoodie

Warm and cozy is never truly warm and cozy if your partner is not in on it.


Send your kisses through this device that will let you feel lips that are miles away. Kissenger is a messenger for kisses!

Tandem umbrella

Stop poking your spouse in the eye. Get an umbrella that will cover both of you.

Long-distance pillow talk

Little Riot has made a product called Pillow Talk, and it's for long-distance lovers. It sends your loved one's heartbeat to a special receiver under your pillow, so you can feel their presence across the miles.

Mittens for holding hands

Just a sweet present for any couple and a cute way to hold hands during cold winters.

Toilet seat lifter

Another problem in the majority of households: seat up or down? Use a pedal, and don't worry anymore.

Cuddle Mattress

Invented for couples, the Cuddle Mattress won't let your hand fall asleep before your partner does.

Double glasses

If you or your friends are the "wine couple," play into your habits with this thoughtful gift.

So why fall into the trap of an argument when a simple item can make your life easier? And while you're at it, don't just give away great stuff to other couples – get some for yourself! Do you know any other great gifts for couples? Don't hold it in! Share!

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