18 Proofs That Relationships Are Based on Humor and Not on the Proverbial Romance

Who said that romance is the most important thing about a relationship? They lied! We think that the most important things are humor and self-mockery. And the people from this compilation totally agree with us!

Bright Side collected some proofs that the best way of fighting the romance that everyone is tired of is humor!

This is their nature. They cut deep.

It's not easy to be a Queen.

Wife: "How's your day?" Me:

Who should guys marry?

"So I told my boyfriend he looks good in purple, and he goes to the bathroom and comes back in this."

"My boyfriend ruins every photo."

"This is what happens when you let your boyfriend take the cat to the groomer."

"My wife wanted an Apple Watch for our anniversary. I love you, honey!"

Love always comes unexpectedly.

When you just wanted to be friends but you failed:

Keeping men on their toes:

"My wife bought toilet paper for the first time...one ply...I'm living with a monster..."

The best period of a woman's life:

"My wife thinks buying my son an orange coat may not have been a good idea..."

When dieting isn't for you:

"I got married last week, my wife wanted me to take only serious pictures with my groomsmen."

What do you know about love?

"Kids will make you happy," they said...

Does humor play a big role in your relationship? Share your experiences and your opinions in the comments below!

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