18 Stories That Show the Whole Truth About Relationships Between Men and Women

"For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health" is an all-time ode to relationships. But we should admit that the love between a man and a woman is something special, something to be treasured for many years to come.

The Bright Side team has collected a set of stories for you about the most magnificent feeling on Earth.

  • My girlfriend proposed to me in a very interesting way. She brought home a....seedling. She said, "Well, you already have an apartment. Here is your future tree. When you wish to have a son, call me." I agreed.

  • Recently we were having breakfast with our family. The porridge was tasty, but I was already full. Only a few spoonfuls of it were left, and I put them on my husband's plate. My daughter exclaimed, very surprised, "I didn't know that was allowed!" Everybody started to laugh, and my husband replied, "Only for Mom!"

  • I have a phobia of spiders. My husband knows it well, but he never misses a chance to prank me. Last time, he presented me with a box with a surprise. I opened it, feeling intrigued, and a whole bunch of tiny spiders started to pour out of it. We quarreled for a long time about it. And, by the way, I took revenge – now he doesn't have eyebrows or his favorite mustache. Ha!
  • We were leading a poor life. My father never gave flowers to my mom, and they never went to a café or abroad together. They were only earning money. But every night, before going to his side of the bed, my father would lie on Mom's side to give her a warm place to sleep. Love is in the small things.

  • My husband asked me once, "Would you let me go to work in another town for $10,000 a month?" I answered without thinking, "I would send you there right away and give you a kick to speed you up!" My husband was offended.

  • My husband and I work in the same company. He is a director and also my direct supervisor. There are some advantages to it: you can sleep with your boss and get nothing for it. But there are disadvantages as well: you can sleep with your boss and get nothing for it.

  • My husband was at a corporate party with his colleagues until late at night. The staff is young and joyful, and his female colleagues are very attractive. He came back with a hangover. Although I trust him, I was feeling jealous nevertheless. When we went to bed, he was the first to fall asleep. After some time, I decided to flirt and tried to kiss him. He punched me on my nose, thinking that he was at the party. I am not jealous anymore.
  • What is living with a husband that works as a dental surgeon like? It's when you go to see him to have a tooth removed, and you notice that later that day he is wearing your removed tooth around his neck as a pendant.

  • My husband writes some of my phrases in a special notepad and makes me put my signature below them. This stops me from later denying that I ever said those things. It's very cute.

  • Having seen me at a pedestrian crossing, my husband decided to play a joke on me. He started to accelerate his car, moving right toward me. I got scared and fell down. He jumped out of his car. He was scared to death, and he started to shake me and call an ambulance. That's how I pranked him back. Since then he hasn't played such jokes on me.

  • My wife said she was going to fight my smoking addiction. She warned me that every cigarette would be equal to one taco that she'd eat. She said, "You want to see me slim, don't you? That's your motivation!" Having taken her words seriously, I hadn't smoked for a whole week. But yesterday I gave up and smoked at work. After several minutes, I got a text with a photo of my wife eating a taco. How did she know? Is there somebody in my office informing her? How do women manage to know everything?
  • One time I wanted to go back home to change the T-shirt I was wearing because I noticed a hole in it. But my girlfriend delved into her bag, took out a corn plaster, patched the T-shirt from inside, and masked the visible parts of the plaster with a black marker. Everything worked. That's how I realized that she is my future wife.

  • I've had vitiligo since I was 14 years old. At first, I had small unnoticeable spots, but after having my baby they started to enlarge. That's when my complexes started to develop. In summer, I always wore clothes with long sleeves – dying from the heat. One day my husband got tired of seeing me suffer and made me wear shorts and a T-shirt. Now when we go out together, my beloved man always takes my hand: he, me, and my big red and white spot. But I don't care. I am simply happy!

  • Today I saw a very nice scene when I was riding the bus. At one of the bus stops, a couple of elderly people got on. The old lady took a free seat, and her man was standing next to her. I got up to give my seat to him. When I offered it, he smiled at me and said, "Thank you, my girl, but it's better you sit. I don't leave my beloved one. Otherwise, I will lose her." And smiling, he caressed her hair. My eyes filled with tears.
  • Recently I met a girl. I invited her to visit me. Like any hospitable person, I told her to make herself at home. She entered the sitting room, sat on the sofa, put her legs on a small table in front of it, and said in an important voice, "You should change the wallpaper in here." A month later, we did it together.

  • I quarreled with my husband when he was on a business trip. He was writing some bad stuff to me. I blocked him on all my social media accounts and messengers. However, I wasn't prepared for him to send me 1 cent using online payments, commenting every transaction with the word "toad."

  • I got some injections to make my lips look plumper. My husband was against it and said that he would not let me come back home. He kept his word. My face got swollen. My husband brought me some water saying that such toads can't live without water. Love him.

  • I love my plants very much. I have many different ones, even some that were brought as seedlings from different countries by smugglers. My husband always played jokes on me when I was talking to them, hugging them, and blowing them kisses. Once I went on a business trip for 2 weeks. After returning home, I went to take a shower. When I came out of the bathroom, I saw my husband standing near one of my plants with a sprayer saying, "Come on, dude, hold your leaves well or your mom will think that I wasn't taking care of you and will bite my head off."

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