18 Women Happily Married to the Most Caring Husbands...or Not?

Expensive suits, business meetings, important calls. It seems that all of these are just a distraction. When nobody can see them, serious men become sensitive and incredibly gentle.

Bright Side put together some touching and funny examples of men’s behavior that will melt your heart.

18. My son had to go to his first day of school in a cast. My husband made this so he wouldn’t feel too awkward.

17. Sometimes my husband makes a house "tour" for our cat so it can sniff everything it wants.

16. My husband sticks this roller everywhere out of my reach, just to piss me off. Well, revenge is soon to come...

15. Kill me if I ever lose this guy!

14. My husband said he went for a run. And that’s what he did in reality...

13. My loved one agreed to adopt a dog on one condition: it was going to be MY dog. Well, please meet Jacob, my husband’s best friend.

12. My husband made us pancakes in the shape of Biggie and Tupac for breakfast.

11. After her operation, my grandma couldn’t do her hair by herself. So my granddad helped her.

10. I heard my husband asking the dog to sit still. When I entered the room, I saw this.

9. This is the best Valentine’s card I’ve ever received.

8. I think my husband just broke our dog.

7. My husband offered to help me with the washing. I’ve never had pink towels before. Actually, I hate pink!

6. He had doubts about a baby sling. Today I found this photo in his phone.

5. The moment when my husband and our dog noticed me in a neighboring car.

4. He claims that the helmet really helps him with the game.

3. My boyfriend painted this in my son’s room.

2. I found my husband slow dancing with our cat.

1. After winning the battle with cancer, we finally got our baby. You know, real men take care of their children when mom has to rest. So, guys, get yourself together, and be the man of her dreams!

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