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20+ Examples Where Both Partners in a Couple Are Masters of Pranking

All relationships demand great and constant effort. But if a couple takes everything a bit easier, their relationship probably won’t be ruined by household issues. Then their family will live a long and happy life.

Bright Side found 22 couples who lead lives full of fun and self-irony.

"I told my boyfriend, who likes Coca-Cola, that I preferred Pepsi. When I came home, I saw this."

"I called my wife a sandwich maker."

"My wife packed my lunch."

"This is how my wife and I share bathroom shelves."

"My girlfriend asked to try my ice cream. I guess this is enough to break up with her."

"My husband said he’d bought me a diamond necklace."

"My girlfriend asked me to cook fish for dinner. I’ll let you know if we’re still together tomorrow."

"My wife asked me to arrange a ’simple’ birthday party for her."

"I made those roses out of bacon for my wife."

"I congratulated my husband on April Fools’ Day."

Every relationship demands correct and clear hints.

Protection from my wife:

This is what the outbreak of a war looks like.

"My sister lost her husband in a kids’ store. 20 minutes later, he was found."

"My girlfriend was home alone and tried to kill a spider with darts."

"I have reasons to buy toothpaste tubes separately from my wife."

Her husband’s visa wasn’t approved, so she traveled alone and sent him pictures:

"I asked my wife where my eye drops were. She answered, ’In our bedroom, on a bedside table, under a switch jammed between the walls.’ "

"We’ve been keeping all the garbage in our garage because my wife didn’t want to throw it away. And now it serves as a work of art in a room we don’t use."

"We were looking through my old pics when my wife started to laugh and pulled the dog’s flea treatment out of a cupboard."

"I decorated my wife’s air freshener with a dragon. Now it sprays acid every 30 minutes."

"My boyfriend works as a seller on Amazon. Today I found this."

Have you or your friends ever pranked like this? Share in the comments.

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