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20 Times Relationships Were Hilariously Unpredictable

Being in a relationship is definitely a serious thing, but there is always time for fun and laughter. Sometimes such moments happen every day.

Bright Side collected 20 proofs that living together can be really funny and entertaining.

20. Our flight was delayed for 12 hours, and my boyfriend disappeared. When I found him, he was watching cartoons in the children’s room.

19. My wife’s method of hiding candy from everyone.

18. At least I know that my boyfriend took a shower.

17. I found my wife in the wardrobe. She was sitting on the floor and crying. When I asked her what happened, she said she had nothing to wear.

16. Today is my birthday. My husband built a blanket castle for me.

15. When you really love your girlfriend...

14. She said she made a very sexy dress, just for me. Here’s how it looks:

13. This is how my husband plays with our baby daughter.

12. I found out where my wife hides her dirty secrets.

11. My husband ordered this tailor-made doormat.

10. My wife asked me how I was preparing for the birth of our first child.

9. My girlfriend is afraid of heights. However, she said it was not a problem and climbed the tower with me.

8. I came to my husband’s workplace and found him like this.

7. My wife’s stages of despair when we missed the ice cream truck.

6. My girlfriend needs this bra tonight, but the dryer is broken.

5. It was too light inside the room, but my husband found the solution.

4. My girlfriend asked me, "Why is this blasted vacuum cleaner broken again?"

3. I didn’t have a photo of my girlfriend to put inside the locket, so I just drew her.

2. My girlfriend dressed up as me for my birthday party.

1. When you didn’t think about the consequences...

Bonus: My wife found a hair tie and left me a note.

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