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22 People Shared How They Learned Their Loved Ones Were Cheating on Them

According to statistics, 20% of men and 13% of women have cheated on their spouses at least once in their life. No one wants to believe that their other half is a part of these statistics. At the same time, accepting the fact of having been cheated on is actually not as difficult as catching the cheater red-handed. Moreover, sensible doubts can often be explained with the fact that we might just be paranoid.

Bright Side became interested in how internet users found out about the fact they were being cheated on. It turns out that harmless and everyday habits might help you spot the liar.

  • Found my wife’s notebook. Written on the first page was a 10-step plan detailing how she was going to leave me for another guy. I turned it into one step. © decorama

  • She pulled out her phone to take a video at my son’s birthday celebration and there was a text on the phone saying “I love you too.” © toobs623
  • I learned that my husband was cheating on me when our bathtub got clogged. I cleaned it by myself and got a bunch of red hair out of it. I am blonde. © “Overheard”
  • We had a linked Apple account and we both had the find my iPhone app. Figured out what all the late nights at work really were. © bldyjingojango
  • Woke up to her on her phone with hearts scrolling in Facebook Messenger. We were married 7 years at that point. 2 kids. It was my birthday. © unknown author

  • During one of her visits, my friend used my comb. I collected her hair and threw them on my hubby’s shirt just for fun. He admitted he was cheating on me with this friend. © “Overheard”
  • My car smelled like cigarette smoke. Neither my wife nor I have ever smoked. I asked her. She turned pale. In that instant, all those “late nights” she had to spend at the restaurant they worked at clicked. She saw it in my eyes. And, I saw it in hers. © will-i-ambic
  • My super genius ex-wife complained about the cost of our joint cell phone bill. She told me I was using it too much. I never used it except to call her phone which was free. So I looked over the bill and found the number to the dude she was cheating with. © The-Shadowcatt
  • My friend was visited by a distant relative of his wife for a couple of days. He was welcomed and even decided to stay longer. However, my friend suspected that something was wrong about it. Turned out, the ’relative’ was her lover. He kicked both of them out. © Sabay
  • My girlfriend was a foreign student. I googled her name out of curiosity and found the blog of her long-distance boyfriend, talking in detail about their loving relationship. Turns out I was the sidepiece. © hardy_v1
  • I was stuck in a traffic jam with my hubby. The windows in the car got foggy. My bag was lying in the back seat and I needed to get something from it. I turned around to get the bag and noticed the footprints and handprints on the windows. That’s how I learned my husband was cheating on me. © “Overheard”
  • I counted the pictures. This was in 2000 before everyone had a camera on their phone and you had to get your holiday snaps developed at the Walgreens photo lab. She brought home the pictures of her vacation to see her “old high school friend” in Vegas, but there was something missing. See, back in the day, rolls of film were made up of exposures of 12, 24, 36 pics, etc. depending on the film you bought. I went through the photos and they didn’t add up. Literally. The 24 exposure roll only had 18 pics. Eventually, I found the remaining photos... her and the new boyfriend looking happy. © gogojack

  • She kept deleting all her texts... I got suspicious and told her I had a cool program on my PC that picks up all texts wirelessly. I confronted her saying I had seen them on my PC, she admitted to it without me seeing a thing. © crazygav

  • I’ve noticed people who cheat tend to assume and get aggressive about the idea of cheating when it comes to their SO. Their inner guilt starts to come out. © unknown author

  • My husband had a lover. I had a hunch about it for quite a while, but first explained it with the usual paranoia. Then I noticed how, upon returning home, he was cleaning the car’s passenger seat. I couldn’t understand by looking at him from the balcony of our apartment what exactly he was cleaning in the car. I have blonde hair and I was afraid that he was cleaning the car from my hair. After a couple of weeks, I learned the truth — it was not my hair that was shedding. © “Overheard”

  • The biggest clue I had was when he suddenly changed the type of music he listened to. © Michelle
  • You can tell by body language and tone. A real easy one is they come home and immediately hit the shower, but it’s not hot and they didn’t hit the gym or do anything strenuous. © The_Jenazad

  • She asked me to fix something on her iPad... emails with airfare confirmations to see her ex-boyfriend on the other side of the country popped up. © pmcanc123
  • My husband changed his cell phone from our joint plan to hers. The mobile provider sent me an email confirming the change and the account his line was added to, which included her name. I asked him, and he lied. I looked her up on Facebook, and it turns out they had just celebrated their 2 year dating anniversary. We had just celebrated 8 years of marriage. © cowgirltu
  • She wrote about it (cheating) in her diary, and our babysitter snooped, read it, and told me. © brewless
  • He left his FB open. I know, I know, I should have respected his privacy. But, I had had some suspicions so I looked in his inbox. Sure enough, I found all their messages. © vmille14
  • My wife tried calling and didn’t hang up once it went to voicemail. She accidentally left a 2:45 voice message. It consisted of her and her boyfriend talking shit about me and how much happier she was with him. At the time, I was home with our kids and I thought she was 1,800 miles away to be with her dying father. 2 years later we are divorced and her father is still alive. © NorthMahkato

Have you ever had to deal with cheating? Or maybe you’ve caught your friends’ cheating? What helped you make them admit the truth? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!