24 Creative and Touching Marriage Proposals Anyone Couldn’t Say No To

A proposal is always a very special moment for 2 people. And some people like to get creative and put their own spin on this romantic event. Bright Side wants to show you a few ideas. You're welcome to use any of them!

1. The Poké Ball

2. Double gift for a taco lover: the ring and the sauce

3. Very practical! Your kids can use the pieces.

4. Size always matters.

5. How lovely and romantic!

6. 500 cupcakes is a really sweet proposal, literally.

7. Surely he got a "Yes!"

8. A coffee lover's proposal

9. Another coffee proposal. Very creative! We hope she didn't swallow the ring...

10. A proposal from above

11. A Tiffany proposal! Nice! Lucky girl.

12. Some guys are not afraid of challenges.

13. Wow. Just WOW.

14. Another underwater proposal

15. This guy definitely has a great sense of humor.

16. Somebody was waiting for something to happen.

17. Furry friends are always happy to share the excitement.

18. Sometimes it can be reversed.

19. Years of training!

20. We hope he didn't drop the ring in the water.

21. We hope she didn't have to wait too long while he was getting it all together.

22. Only for the true Coca-Cola lover!

23. This girl didn't even know what was going on until she checked the ride photos.

24. A Valentine’s Day proposal can be so beautiful.

How was your proposal? Was it traditional or unique? Please tell us about it in the comments. And share with your friends!

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