25 People Who Overdid It With Vivid Congratulations

What is the most important part of a gift? It should bring joy and happiness!

Bright Side gathered 25 Internet users' who are masters of love and pranks. Scroll down and you'll know which presents fit into each category.

"Just got my Christmas gift from my grandparents. I'm 31."

"My favorite Christmas gift every year from my brother. Right now we're at level 3."

"Graduation gift from dad."

"I bought my wife a necklace for Christmas. I asked to make it look as horrible as possible. A shop assistant pulled out a roll of tape and said, 'As you wish sir.'"

"The only woman in my family not married with kids. I have one cat. This is my Christmas gift."

"My sister gave me the most thoughtful gift of all."

"Birthday present from my grandma. She gets it, man."

"Now I only can burn my house to the ground."

"One of my more elderly customers gave me this because he 'knows that I love technology.'"

"My wife was not impressed with her birthday gift..."

"I think my parents only know that I like green and hate the cold. I present my last 5 years' of Christmas presents."

"Our friend moved into his new apartment, so we got him a house warming gift."

"My wife's stepsister is a vegan. This is what her co-workers gave her to celebrate her birthday."

"My mom wins best gift of the year."

"Christmas gift from my girlfriend. She knows me so well."

"My girlfriend and I just exchanged gifts for Christmas..."

"I bought my wife a dozen roses for Valentine's Day. She was not impressed."

"My boyfriend and I are nearly 10 years together. This is his gift. Idiot."

"My mom knows that I like such shoes."

"I'm a triplet, just turning 17. Out of the three of us, I was the only one to pass my road test. My dad got us a cake."

"My friend's wife refused to let him buy this. She said nothing about his mother giving it to him as a birthday gift."

"Here's my brother's present. It was a gift card."

"Day 4 and my wife still doesn't like her Christmas gift."

"A co-worker is having a girl. Thought we'd congratulate him."

Bonus: "I started feeding crows that are regulars at the patio of a bar where I work. My collection of gifts finally started after 3 months."

And do you have any unforgettable gifts from your friends and relatives? Tell us in the comments!

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