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31 Photos of Men Whose Willpower Toughened Up During Shopping

A man shopping with his significant other is a perfect example of true tolerance and courage. That's right, a man has to be firm and strong to withstand the algorithm of fittings that only a woman can understand and the cyclical nature of wanderings from one shop to another.

Bright Side gathered 31 photos that show men going through all the circles of shopping hell in the name of love. These guys definitely deserve some respect and sympathy.

A key survival tip for a man in a shopping center is to blend into the surroundings and not attract unwanted attention.

Keep calm and don't lose your head.

Especially when she's trying on 10 similar blouses and keeps asking you "What do you think?"

What has he done wrong?

The torture with pink stuff has been going on for an hour but the old seawolf is too tough to surrender that easily.

This guy looks like he's on the edge and it's just a matter of seconds before he loses his mind.

That moment when you almost made it out, but she noticed a nice pair of shoes on the display case and went to take a look.

Or maybe more than just a look...

Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" might be having a competitor soon - "Stairway to Hell".

ZARA shop in Milan.

Knowing his wife all too well, a man prepared one more shopping cart in advance.

Do you still think that real men don't cry? A day of shopping with the wife debunks this myth.

To test men's resilience and endurance, women make them wait.

However, after several hours of shopping their stamina starts to wane.

The ability to wait should be developed starting in childhood. Even the mannequin gets it.

He was 34 when he walked into this shopping center with his wife.

The mummy of an unknown man was found in a shopping center in China.

Looks like this man was left alone in this shopping center several years ago.

Shopping breaks the toughest ones.

To stay sane some people create an artificial home atmosphere.

The fetal position helps men partially restore emotional balance and feel safe.

This man has been married for 40 years and knows a shopping survival technique.

Looks like this man has made peace with his fate.

This is what pain, despair, and hopelessness look like.

Looks like we need a doctor down here.

The worst day for a man, is a day of shopping with his wife.

They could've at least put a sitting area in there.

Even these chairs will do.

Unfortunately, not all men can survive a day of shopping.

Bonus: the best way to avenge your sufferings is to bring your wife to a big hardware store.

Do you enjoy going shopping with your wife? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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