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6 Reasons Why It’s So Vital to Get Rid of People Who Are Draining Us

Chronic negativity in relationships can be so detrimental to your life that it can actually kill you — even science proves this fact to be true. Toxic people are energy vampires, sucking out all the happiness, peace of mind, and amazing potential you have in your life. Many of us have toxic friends, coworkers, or even spouses that rob you of all the good things you deserve to have.

We at Bright Side understand that some of these relationships may mean the world to you, but it’s necessary to get rid of them if they’re causing you harm. And we’ve provided you with a list of the reasons why.

1. They bring you down, even when you’re feeling good.

When you spend time with positive people, you may feel your energy levels spiking up. They’re so good to talk to and you end up having great conversations with them. Negative people do quite the opposite. They leave you feeling exhausted in no time because all they have is drama and negativity in their lives. They simply have a knack for sucking the energy out of things.

2. They affect your attitude toward life.

When you’ve set your mind to achieving something, negative people will be the ones to bring you down. They tend to discourage people around them and never support others for anything good in life. If you find yourself being dragged to the dark side, stand your ground and focus on the bright side. You can literally achieve anything you set your mind to.

3. Their negative feedback affects your way of thinking.

As negative people are energy vampires, the more time you spend with them and pay heed to what they’re saying, the more it affects your thinking as well. Soon, you may end up realizing that rather than being positive, you’re being a total pessimist. They’re very skillful at this too. Before you realize it, you may find that your belief system has changed when it shouldn’t have.

4. They make you feel guilty.

They keep reminding you of all the things you’ve done wrong in your younger life even though you’d prefer to keep those things private. Sometimes, being reminded of the past can be pretty hurtful, but if they keep doing this even after you’ve told them not to, it’s always a good idea to leave them in the past as well.

5. They’re bad for your health.

Apart from being harmful to your mental health, spending time with negative people impacts your physical health as well. Studies have claimed that surrounding yourself with such people may cause long term habits of hostility, depression, and more, which can pose a huge risk of heart disease.

6. Your potential to thrive is at risk.

When you’re aiming to thrive in life, you must keep in mind that negative people can drain you of that enthusiasm too. Negativity is contagious, so when you spend time with such people, they can make you question what you’re capable of and you may end up doubting yourself. Your potential is at risk when you spend time with people who don’t have your best interest in mind.

If you could relate to any of the points above, perhaps it’s time to consider eliminating these people from your life.

Are you considering cutting ties with such people in your life for good? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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