6 Toxic Types of People You Should Avoid Dating at Any Cost

Happy relationships are made up of a hundred little things. One of them is faithfulness. Everyone would agree that it's important to trust your partner. However, some people just can't live without cheating on their partners. For them, it is only a matter of time.

We at Bright Side decided to show you the different types of people with whom you shouldn't make a serious relationship. You will only waste your time.

6. A narcissist

A narcissist is never ok with only one person's love. This kind of person wants everybody's admiration. This is how they assert themselves. Narcissists are constantly searching for the perfect partner. They sincerely think that their current relationship is not perfect enough to continue it. And they blame everyone but themselves.

5. Overly romantic

The process of seduction and creating a new relationship is very important for a romantic person. Such people love new impressions and can't stand routine – they just become bored. In order to avoid this, an overly romantic person finds some new means of entertainment to bring him or her happiness. They hate any boundaries or limitations and value freedom most of all.

4. No self-confidence

We all lack self-confidence in one area or another. However, if a person doesn't know how to live his or her own life and constantly needs someone else's approval, it is a dangerous sign. When such people see the slightest hint of alienation, they immediately start looking for a new relationship where everything will be different. All these things serve only the self-assertion of these people.

3. Too selfish

Selfish people are so much into their thoughts about themselves that they don't accept the fact that their nearest and dearest may also suffer. However, they understand that they may be the reason for this suffering. Selfish people believe that moral norms are just not for them. They always forgive themselves for the things they can't stand in others.

2. A sufferer

A sufferer always plays the martyr. Any little thing may make them sad. These people always look for someone who can comfort them. When their partners can't give them what they want, sufferers go searching for someone new.

1. A critic

This is just one more type of person who is not self-confident enough. Those who love to criticize others about every little thing and give advice (often unsolicited) just use it as a means of self-assertion. Needless to say, they are not afraid to harm anyone around them and aren't capable of building a healthy relationship.

Illustrated by Yekaterina Ragozina and Daniil Shubin for Bright Side
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