7 Delicate Things About Your Relationship Not to Be Discussed With Others

We always share our joys and sorrows with our close ones. They can support us in hard times or be glad for our small victories. Nevertheless, a private life should be silent as it concerns only the couple itself.

Bright Side has discovered the topics that should not be discussed with anyone except your partner.

1. Feelings and secrets

Excessive chattiness can be painful for your beloved one. He or she trusts you with the most important secrets, after all. If this information was intended for others, it would have been revealed without your participation.

2. Arguments and quarreling

Any relationship includes situations where you think you'll never be able to hit it off with your mate. Loving people take the middle path and forgive each other for their quirks. On the contrary, your friends and relatives will remember the rudeness of your partner for ages.

3. Your private life

Your bedroom is a place only for the 2 of you. Otherwise, you risk becoming mistrusted by your partner. "Intimacy" has a certain meaning. If you find some challenging points in your intimate life, it is better to discuss them with your partner or a psychologist. They can keep your secret.

4. Former intimate habits

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." This point has pretty much the same meaning. If your partner reveals to you some salty facts about his bedroom habits with former mates, the topic should not be discussed with others. Previous experience plays a very important role in your current relationship. After all, when you are together, it is the right time to acquire some new skills and learn what intimate practices bring both of you more joy.

5. Your fears, even jokingly

Fear is what we can't control. Some people are terribly afraid of spiders, while others hate heights. Joking about such things should be prohibited, especially if you are trying to amuse an audience in this way. You'd do better helping your partner fight their fear. Perhaps next time your mate will be more self-confident.

6. Financial troubles

Both a financially troubling situation and high incomes should not be discussed, even with close relatives. Your family budget is your own business. If you still need your family's assistance, it is better to discuss the topic with your partner first.

7. Drawbacks

It is more than likely that you are going to reconcile yourself to your mate's misfortunes and drawbacks with the flow of time. However, your relatives can remember some demerits forever and reveal them during a conversation at the wrong time. If you are disappointed, it is better to tell your beloved person about it immediately. It can help save the relationship and solve current troubles.

Illustrated by Mariya Zavolokina for Bright Side
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