9 Things That Show Your Love Without Words

You can talk about such a great feeling as love. You can write poems and songs and tell everyone you know about it. But sometimes all you need is to do something right. This will mean more for a person than any words you can say.

Bright Side shares the little things that can help you express your love.

9. Give your partner some time to rest.

After a difficult day, we all need some time to rest from work and switch our attention to our usual lives. Don't rush him with the housework routine. Give him some time to rest and some alone time if he needs it. This kind of emotional reload will help you avoid conflicts.

8. Be a good listener.

If she wants to talk to you about something you know nothing about, don't refuse right away. Sometimes girls just need someone who can listen to the latest news, learn about all the sales, and look at all the things they've bought. Don't be angry in these moments. Try to be a kind and understanding partner.

7. Don't forbid them to see their friends.

When you are in a relationship, the last thing you should do is turn your partner into your property. Every person needs private space and time they can spend with friends. So next time your boyfriend wants to spend some time with his friends, don't be mad. Just let him go and have some fun.

6. Pay attention to the things they love.

Happiness consists of small things. Her favorite sweets and fruits and washed dishes may seem insignificant, but it will be a big sign for her that you remember what she likes, you value your relationship, and you love her. Such simple things can make people happy.

5. Give compliments.

Girls are not the only ones who love hearing compliments. Guys love to know that they look good too. So tell your boyfriend that he is very handsome, his shirt really suits him, or that his socks are really cool. This is a little thing that can make him feel good.

4. Dream together.

A palm tree, the sea, a cocktail... We all dream of a vacation like this. So if, in the dead of winter, your girlfriend comes home and shows you her new hat, dress, or swimsuit, don't be angry and don't say it was a waste of money. Instead, dream about how great it would be to go on vacation together.

3. Be both a girlfriend and a friend for him, not a tyrant.

Criticism, dissatisfaction, and trying to get involved in "men" stuff are not the things men want from their girlfriends. Let him be independent: let him decide how to repair something, and let him choose what to wear at home or which ringtone to set. He needs to be able to make decisions on his own when he is with you.

2. Cook dinner together.

When there is no time, fast food is exactly what you need. But sometimes you really care about food. Cook something unusual and tasty. Think about what you want to cook, go to the supermarket together, and eat at the table. The most important thing here is to be around each other. Don't let one person do everything. You will see their mood change a lot when you offer to help.

1. Don't get annoyed by flaws.

We all are very different, and no one is perfect. She forgets to add salt, and he takes a shower for too long. Just take it easy. To have a harmonious relationship, you need to learn not to notice these little things. Then you will notice that it's so much easier to live like that.

Illustrated by Natalia Breeva for Bright Side
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