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Does Your Partner Look Like You? Science Claims Opposites Attract — Unless You Are in a Relationship

The laws of attraction may seem unpredictable, but that’s not quite true. Research from the Czech Republic shows that there are some rules that govern what kind of people we like the most. Let’s check it out on a deeper level, see what else science claims, and find some real celebrity couples who look alike and are living happily with similar features.

We at Bright Side discovered a new topic that can help us to understand how relationships work and if it’s true that opposites attract.

When we are in a relationship, we are more likely to have a crush on someone who reminds us of ourselves, rather than someone who is the opposite of us, in terms of appearance.

Dr. Jitka Lindová and her team showed some photographs of unknown people to students and asked them to rate their attractiveness.

All the images looked similar to the person who was being queried. They found out that single people are more attracted to those who have less in common with them. At the same time, people who were in a relationship picked someone who looked like them.

The researchers explained that attractiveness perception may be suppressed during romantic relationships. And it can be our natural instinct to stop us from finding alternatives to our own partner.

There is also something more. The researchers’ results showed that highly avoidant people seemed to be most satisfied with their relationships when their partner’s personality is similar.

This can be explained by the fact that this type of avoidant mentality is a “reflecting feature” when you are comfortable with yourself. The more this type of personality has differences with another person, the more these people will avoid relationships with someone who is the opposite of them.

At the same time for highly anxious people, it’s a different story. They experience greater satisfaction with a partner who is either highly similar or dissimilar to them. In this case, a dissimilar partner may be a way to compensate for someone’s own shortcomings.

The theory that it’s not just opposites who are attracted to each other can be confirmed by celebrity couples who look alike and are shown in our article. Just look at them. They have so many features in common and have been in their relationships for a long time.

Does your partner look like you? What do you think about the theory that opposites attract? Please, share your stories with us!

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