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How Body Language Can Tell You That You’ve Chosen the Wrong Partner

Body language is a common way to express your feelings without words. In a relationship between 2 people, this language is very important as it influences their relations more than words and phrases do. Language expert, Yana German says, "It's really complicated for men to put their thoughts into words. Thus, body language can contribute to a healthy relationship or become a sign that you've chosen the wrong partner. Unfortunately, because of stress and fatigue, we don't pay enough attention to signals that our own bodies send to us, though these signs can say quite a lot."

Bright Side has gathered some significant body signals that we should pay attention to if we begin to doubt our relationships.

Growing apart

Some people think that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Others claim that it destroys a relationship. The perfect intimate zone distance between 2 people is 0—18 inches. If one of the partners becomes emotionally or physically distant and they don't want to hold your hand anymore, it's probably time to start thinking about the relationship and why you're together.

Constant questioning or overanalyzing

You shouldn't feel the need to analyze your partner's every step or action in a healthy relationship. If you doubt your partner or don't trust them, you have to think about whether you have a future together or not.

A different pace

It's such a trifle but it's still very important: gait synchronization indicates the inner sync of partners. Loving people try to walk at the same speed unconsciously. When there's no harmony, there may be problems in the relationship.


It's all about a condescending smile. When a person smirks, they show their superiority unconsciously. In a healthy relationship, partners are equal. That's why if you notice that your partner looks down on you, it's time to think about your relationship.

Closed poses

Crossing the legs indicates that a person doesn't feel any connection with their partner. If one's arms or legs are crossed or they keep their hands in their pockets, it may mean that they aren't interested in their partner anymore.

Furrowed brows

Professor John Gottman's studies show that contempt is one of the main reasons why couples get divorced. Furrowed eyebrows are a bright example of criticism and accusation. Gottman says, "No one likes to be criticized. When a person notices their partner's disapproving look, they try to defend and protect themselves." And these kinds of situations cause even more problems.


Your partner is probably indifferent to you if he or she doesn't look into your eyes, picks up the phone before you stop speaking, interrupts you, doesn't want to listen to you, comes home late, etc. Ignoring a partner is one of the ways to manipulate and suppress them. Your partner's unwillingness to pay attention to your opinions and feelings means that you've chosen the wrong person.

Covering the neck with their hand

We all try to find ways to calm down in stressful situations. When people feel unsafe or they're nervous and anxious, they cover or touch their neck with their hand. Such a gesture can also indicate that a person is hiding something from their partner.

Friendly slaps on the back

Your friend can slap you on your back to support or cheer you up. But people you're intimately involved with usually prefer to give hugs instead of slaps. Let's face it, your partner and you aren't teammates, you're 2 people who love each other.

Bonus: signs showing that a girl is into you

If a girl is playing with her hair when conversing with you, she’s just trying to show you she likes you. Sometimes she’s flirting without even realizing it. Look for signs that include running her fingers through her hair, twirling a lock around her finger, flipping her hair back, and so on.

Sometimes you can also notice a girl subtly biting her lower lip while talking to you. Or she may make a show of putting on her lipstick on in front of you. The thing is, a woman’s mouth is like a sexual "tool" and these little things she does are all performed to draw your attention toward her.

Do you know of any other body language signs to watch out for in a relationship? Tell us in the comments!

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