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Nine couples that managed to preserve their love through the decades

Love is not just a wonderful feeling - it's also a formidable challenge. It takes a great deal of passion and determination to carry the flames of your romantic relationship through all of life's difficulties. That's why we can't help but feel admiration for people who still hold hands and look at each other tenderly after many years of living together.

Today, Bright Side presents to you nine incredible couples whose love for each other clearly has no expiration date!

They first met at the age of three. A couple of decades later they revisited the same spot - this time as husband and wife.

Incredibly, many years of family life together seem to have made these two look even younger than before!

They had their first "toy" wedding back when they were kids. The real one followed some time later.

They've been best friends since school - now they're a devoted family couple as well!

These two took care to rehearse their future wedding very early on in life.

A chance meeting at a kids party changed their lives forever.

This is what it's like to spend your life with a man who never lets you down!

Together since before kindergarten!

They met each other when they were 13.

Together since 1971 and still enjoying every moment of their relationship.

The same happy smile, 40 years on...

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