Psychologists Reveal 10 Sure Signs You’re Marrying the Right Person

True love can be hard to find. But once it’s found, life itself becomes easier — hopefully. It can make you feel like you’re floating above pink clouds or keep you up at night with one cruel thought: whether or not they’re the one.

It’s unfortunate, yet true that someone we love so much may not turn out to be our life-long partner. If you’re willing to commit to a relationship for the rest of your life, you’ll need more than just love for true happiness.

We, at Bright Side, have gathered the most reliable signs from psychologists, that can even be applied in the early days of a relationship, to find the correct answer and live your love to the fullest.

1. You become each other’s mind reader.

This is not a romance drill! Psychological research proves that love can actually help your nervous system get aligned with your significant other. After spending enough time together, you will understand their feelings, thoughts, and reactions. This connection is more than knowing someone really well. You can simultaneously and effortlessly understand each other, even in complete silence.

Next time you’re together, try pointing out something you find funny without saying anything. It must be great to laugh together so easily!

2. You share the same ideas for the future.

Once you find the love of your life, it’s time to “think as a couple” like it’s a language. You’ll probably want them present in the upcoming years of your life, so you’d better dream of the future together. You don’t need to go after the same aspirations, but if they are the one, you’ll always find a way to keep your lives together no matter what. Finding the freedom in being together is one of the most important pillars of a life-long love story.

3. You think it’s worth it.

Commitment is vital for maintaining a relationship, especially if we’re talking about the one and it’s not always an all-in-one package. You need to compromise, that should be no surprise. But when it’s right, you’ll do it instinctively. Psychologists at Kobe University in Japan show that without any sacrifice, relationships won’t last long. This doesn’t mean that you have to change or give up on your integrity. You just should be moderate enough about your acts to create room for other person’s happiness.

4. Your brain functions differently.

We like to think about the heart when it comes to the subject of love, but it all happens in the head. A study by Stony Brook University in New York has shown how brain reactions are affected by love. When you think about the one, the reward center in your brain is stimulated, increasing dopamine levels. You may also say that you feel butterflies in your stomach.

5. You become each other’s support.

At the end of a long day, you will find the boost you need with your soulmate. Being each other’s cheerleader along the way, you will never feel discouraged or inadequate. Hearing supportive words from the person you love the most will make you love yourself even more.

6. You feel content with no extra effort.

This is important. When you find your life partner — one of the biggest main events in human life, it will feel normal. You’ll feel like you’ve already been living like this and internalize your new source of happiness quickly. This will make you feel humble about your relationship.

You won’t turn into a person who talks about their relationship all the time, because you don’t have anything to prove to others. Your social media accounts won’t flood with your couple pictures, because you don’t have time for that stuff while concentrating on the relationship itself.

7. You want to introduce them to your loved ones.

Basic psychology says we all need approval in our lives and if it comes from our loved ones, it’s particularly satisfying. That’s why we share good news with them. By including the people who are special to us, we reproduce our own happiness.

When you meet the one, the same instinct will kick in and you’ll feel impatient about introducing them to your family and close friends. Also, it’s helpful to create a reliable support system around your blossoming romance with your loved ones’ good intentions, according to a study.

8. You find pleasure inside and outside the bedroom.

Intimacy is important, but it isn’t solely responsible for the chemistry of a healthy relationship. Physical connection will feel different in the right arms, however, the attraction to the one will be around all the time, even with thick winter clothes on. Sometimes one word, one smile, or a quirk will make you feel like you’ve found the most special person for you.

9. You feel different without them.

Keeping your individuality and independence during a relationship is one of the key points to spending many long years together. However, creating a space in your life for someone is also important. When you find the one, some parts of your life will adapt to this happy change and will normalize your new routines. Their absence will “naturally” feel peculiar.

10. You become “we.”

After checking all the other boxes we’ve mentioned above, the last item is simply the pronoun: we. Psychologists at the University of Texas published a study about the importance of the usage of “we” and “our” as a part of our natural selection of words. When you become a team with your significant other, it’ll give you joy to talk about the things you share rather than just talking about yourself.

For your other friends who have to listen to your couple stories, it may not be as fun. But becoming a “we” is a remarkable token of a life-long love.

If you’re lucky enough to find your life partner, don’t forget to share your sweet love story with us in the comments!

Illustrated by Alena Tsarkova for Bright Side
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