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Psychologists Say That Modern Relationships Have 12 Types of Toxic Behavior We Need to Ditch

Many things have changed with the development of technology including relationships between people. Sometimes it may have seemed simpler and easier in the past and that’s why we keep feeling nostalgic about past times. Unfortunately, we can’t reverse time but we can create the present that we’ve all been dreaming about.

Bright Side noticed 12 new rules in a relationship that emerged with the appearance of affordable and stable internet connection and mobile applications.

Taking French leave

Leaving without saying goodbye is a strange modern concept that has already become a habit of many people. Almost everyone knows what it is like when a person you’ve been communicating with slowly starts to disappear and your communication gradually stops. No scandals or quarrels — your relationship just stops for no obvious reason. However, you might end up asking yourself, “How did this happen?”


Ghosting differs from “taking French leave” due to its suddenness: a ghost just vanishes from your life (usually within 72 hours). The most interesting thing about ghosting is that it’s not connected to your actions and the vanisher knows about it. That’s why the best thing you can do in this situation is to avoid trying to contact the “ghost” and give yourself some time to be sad and start things over again.

Playing hide-and-seek

Many people claim that in the past, interpersonal relationships used to be simpler. If there was mutual affection, everything was clear from the beginning — no one was hiding their relationships, everyone was enjoying them. Today, people often complicate everything within themselves and can’t understand what’s happening between them even if the relationship has lasted for many years.

Very important person

You know that a person likes you but strangely enough, this person is always busy and can’t spare any time to spend with you. Many people follow the rule, “Be constantly busy because it’s the only way you can evoke a person’s interest in you.” And very often, they overuse it by ignoring another person to make them feel interested in you, while the ignored person simply loses any desire to contribute to the relationship.

Dispersal field

It’s very unpleasant and insulting when someone keeps you in their life “just in case”. You are given hope for a true relationship until the moment there are no other options. But once this new option appears, all you’re left to do is wait till the moment your beloved becomes free again. The trap is in the fact that your partner lives a full life while you keep wasting your time in eternal waiting mode.


The modern term “breadcrumbing” appeared thanks to communication in social media. The concept of “breadcrumbing” is to occasionally send “likes” and “smileys” to a person who likes you. Therefore, you’ll remind them of you and give hope for a possible relationship that will actually never take place. Unfortunately, such behavior doesn’t mean anything — the person simply doesn’t want to lose you as an admirer.

Friend-zone, version 2.0

Friendzone is an old term that has been replaced by the term, “tuning”. It’s when a friend gets the role of a side watcher for all important events in their beloved’s life. The idea of “tuning” is to keep these feelings to yourself.

A victim of their own accord

One day/Color Force

Layby” is the person who is in relationships but doesn’t feel happiness and is actively looking for another partner. This person doesn’t want to leave the relationships they’re currently in due to a fear of loneliness. Once they find a good alternative to their current partner, the person will quit the relationship.

Drama club

A breakup with a partner is considered to be an additional source of worry. A person keeps resurrecting the emotions he or she has lived through and that’s why some people keep breaking up and restarting their relationship again and again. Therefore, it’s not a partner a person is tied to but a drama that they created in their soul.

Friends with benefits

“Friends with benefits” are those who you can stay with overnight without any further obligation. The trap is that it’s almost impossible to save the friendship after such relationships and once your intimate meetings are over, you’ll lose a person with whom you’ve had so many things in common.

Quick meetings

No Strings Attached/Cold Spring Pictures

Perhaps you’ve also noticed that dating is not popular anymore. There are a bunch of applications that will find you a partner within several seconds. The concept of modern meetings is in the absence of affection and prejudice. As a result, a person suffers from an incredible feeling of loneliness as well as disappointment both in people and themselves.

A fear of loneliness

The frantic popularity of dating apps is caused by the human fear of loneliness. Though many people can’t build relationships and don’t understand why they really need them, still, they feel incomplete if there is no partner nearby. Moreover, they’d like to have a modern partner who stands out among the crowd — uniqueness is rarely appreciated in the times of similar profile pics.

Are you aware of other harmful types of relationships that are better to stay away from? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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