Scientists Reveal How to Choose the Perfect Partner Before You Turn 35

Love is truly an incredible feeling. It can synchronize the heart rhythms of lovers, help them to relieve pain, and make them feel happy. And who would have thought that mathematics could help us find all this. Of course, love is full of emotions, unexpected developments, and events, and it’s difficult to prepare for meeting your soulmate. But mathematician Hannah Fry explains how to choose the perfect partner using a special formula.

We at Bright Side hope everyone finds love and we’re in a hurry to share the secret with you of how to meet your soulmate before the age of 35.

Mathematical formula for meeting your love

Many relationships have certain patterns. This means that many people behave in the same way. For example, 34% of people wait longer before holding hands, than they do to kiss their beloved. Patterns allow mathematicians to find formulas that can make you more successful during unpredictable events like falling in love and searching for the ideal partner. This formula works because of something called the optimal stopping theory — basically, choosing the right time to act, to achieve the best possible results.

Imagine that you would like to get married before the age of 35 and began dating at 15. According to this mathematical formula, you should not consider anyone for a life-long relationship during the first 37% of your dating life. But the person who comes after that 37%, is your ideal soulmate. If your first relationship happens at the age of 15, you won’t start to date a suitable candidate until after you’re 22 years old.

Of course, this method has risks. Your ideal partner may be in the first 37%, and you will have to reject them if you’re following the math. Or the next partner after the first 37% may not be much better and you could have to spend your life with them. But given that this formula is used in the wild (for example, by some types of fish), it works and will help you increase the chances of finding the perfect partner.

Science for recognizing your true love

The personality of your date can be analyzed on the basis of their punctuality. People who come to meetings on time are more agreeable. They think about others and like to follow a clear plan. And those who come earlier are more neurotic, but at the same time, they understand and feel their emotions better.

You can also pay attention to the shoes of your partner. According to research, shoes can tell a lot about a person and their personality. People who wear comfortable shoes are optimistic and willing to help others. And those who prefer ankle boots are afraid of changes and may show aggression.

Some more love tips from mathematicians

Hannah Fry says that if you are looking for love on the internet, then it’s better to not place your best photos on a dating site. We know that it sounds weird, but math explains it all. It turns out that a person whose attractiveness is appreciated by everyone will be less successful and will scare off many applicants. A person who doesn’t hide their unattractive features and shows vulnerability and variety when it comes to their appearance will actually be more popular on the site.

And if you’ve already met your love and gotten married to them, then it’s better to stop being silent about your unhappiness. Those couples who discuss and try to understand the issues with their relationship and those who talk about their dissatisfaction and the things that offend them have a lower chance of getting divorced. Improving the marriage and working on it can help avoid divorce.

Have you met your true love already? How did it happen? Tell your story in the comments.

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