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Six tips to carry on with your life after a long relationship

Six tips to carry on with your life after a long relationship

The loss of love and the loss of meaning are the main two reasons that break your heart. The pain is searing, but it has remedy. We here at the Bright Side would like to show you the best 6 steps to follow in order to deal with your broken heart.

1.  Know that you are strong

You are complete with your own self. You are strong, smart and valuable. You are self-sufficient and you don’t nobody else to confirm your worth and to you bring happiness. You were doing just great before the other person came into your life and things will be awesome again. You are stronger than you think and you can do better.

Yes, things might be gloomy right now, but sunshine sets in every morning and no person on Earth is irreplaceable.

2.  Face the present, grieve and move on

Things might have been great, but they are over now. Stop thinking about your actions and what you could have done differently.

Don’t question the reasons your partner moved on and don’t try to get them back because things will never be the same. If they dumped you once, they will do it again. There’s no reason to linger.

Let yourself grieve, but move on.

Acknowledge your feeling of sadness, disappointment and torment… cry them out and leave them behind.

Release your heart to somebody you trust in and then promise yourself to never bring up the subject until you’re over it. Stick to your promise.

3.  Keep your mind and body busy and your heart will heal

Now is the perfect time to focus on your career, to start that course you wanted to for a long time, to get a new hobby, to reconnect with some old friends, to exercise more … it doesn’t really matter what you choose to do as long as it keeps you busy and helps you feel better about your life.

There is a saying that every ending is a new beginning … your time has just started, so make the best of it!

4. Surround yourself with happy people

Do you know that smiles and laughs are contagious? Yes, they are!  Go out with your cheerful friends, watch comedies, read comic books, subscribe to hilarious websites, go to stand up shows… well, you have options. Just open your mind and laugh it off.

5. Celebrate your single status

Being single does have its advantages, yes it’s hard for you to see them right now and that is why you need to make an event to surface the positive side.

Organize a party with your friends. Make everybody come up with two arguments for being single. Drink wine. Eat cake. Feel free.

Tough it might not feel like celebrating at first, with some support from your friends, you’ll feel exceptional once again. Just keep your mind in the party mood.

6. Enjoy your life again

Every morning while drinking your coffee or tea, think about an activity that you’re looking forward to that day. If there’s nothing that comes to mind, make new plans. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, just something that can make you smile such as meeting a friend, reading a book, going someplace.

Finally, remember that often enough it’s the everyday little things bring you true joy.

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