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Study Reveals That Hot People Are Worse in Long-Term Relationships

Good-looking people seem to enjoy a lot of advantages in their lives. They tend to be more successful at work, easily get along with other people, and even make more money. That said, looking like a walking Calvin Klein or Victoria’s Secret ad has its own dark side. And science suggests that long-term relationships are a soft spot in this case.

Bright Side is now aware that a perfect face and hot body can provide some benefits when finding a partner, but it’s not always the key to a happy and long relationship. And we are ready to tell you why.

There are too many alternatives for them.

This conclusion was found in a Harvard study. And apparently it can explain the many breakups that happen with people who are seemingly perfect and have it all together. According to researchers, attractiveness can give us an ocean of alternatives in terms of relationships, so it becomes pretty hard to protect them from outside threats.

More to the point, good-looking people may have more breakdowns because they are less interested in working through the hard parts of being in a relationship. They just don’t want to face all the difficulties and problems that come with being coupled up and prefer to run away from their problems.

The level of hotness and sad marriage outcomes are linked.

The first stages of the study showed a strong link between divorces and the level of partners’ hotness. To figure this out, 2 women were asked to rate the attractiveness of over 230 men by photos from their high school yearbooks. Afterward, researchers checked to see if those men were married or divorced during the 30 years after the photos had been taken. The results showed that the men who were found the most desirable were more likely to be divorced.

The researchers did the same experiment with top celebrities from IMDb and Forbes and reported similar results.

Attractive people are interested in alternatives, even if they’re in a relationship.

It is thought that the majority of couples tend to lose their “wandering eye.” This mechanism helps us see other people as less attractive and protects our relationships from unexpected surprises in our lives together. But, according to the results of the final experiments, attractive people lack this protective bias and usually have a higher interest in alternative options. Moreover, the likelihood of this outcome increases if people aren’t satisfied with their current relationships.

In the end, it’s important to remember that there can always be other reasons to give up on a relationship. As well as a number of exceptions — it doesn’t mean that if you are a hottie, you are never going to find or maintain a solid relationship. But if you’ve been unlucky in relationships, you can probably find some solace in the results of this study. You are just too sexy for others.

Do you agree with the results of this study? Have you noticed this tendency around you?

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