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These 6 Behaviors Are the Biggest Predictors of Breakups

Most romantic relationships lose their bright colors over time and can turn into routine. And, if you do not work on it together, there is a good chance of a breakup.

Bright Side has collected 6 characteristic signs, which can hint that your partner is unhappy. (Or maybe you’ll recognize yourself as the unhappy one!)

Indifference toward your life and problems

Sometimes you just want to talk to your loved one, tell them about your day and experiences, maybe even complain, but still be accepted as you are. When you are not supported at all, aren’t listened to, and aren’t a’s alarming.

Total distrust

People with low self-esteem often project their insecurities onto their romantic relationships. At first, such behavior can be inconspicuous. But, if someone from a couple suddenly starts to control all spheres of the life of their significant other, this is a sign of internal discomfort and unhappiness.

Constantly being late and canceling plans

In life, things happen: an urgent task may appear at work or responsibilities are suddenly discovered. But usually such extreme cases are rare. And everybody understands when they pop up. However, if a partner starts to deliberately adjust their relationship to their work schedule, postpone meetings, arrive late (if at all), or justify themselves with stupid excuses, this will lead to nothing good.

Not in the mood to kiss/hug

It’s no secret that loving people tend to touch each other, even accidentally: hugging, kissing, holding hands. It calms them, gives them strength, and makes them happy. When someone in a couple suddenly ceases to be gentle to the other and the prospect of "hugs" with a close person does not cause him any pleasant emotions, such behavior is cause for concern.

Unwillingness to take care of you

As a rule, loving people take care of their partners and try to make their life as comfortable as possible. If one person in a couple suddenly ceases to respect the desires of the other person and focuses only on himself, such manifestations of selfishness are the first signal to worry.

Unwillingness to spend time together

Everyone, even those in a relationship, wants to have a personal life: to meet with friends, to practice hobbies. This is normal. The circle of communication should not be limited to only one person. However, if one person in a couple begins to completely avoid joint meetings and fills their life with everyone but you, you should not ignore it.

What to do?

If you notice such changes in communication with a loved one, this is an occasion to reflect. Perhaps he has some problems outside of your relationship. But it may be that this is caused by your behavior. Try to talk openly or become a little more tolerant and caring, and everything should work itself out.

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