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Things That Can Stop You From Finding Love and How to Overcome Them

Love is in the air, love is all you need, love is all around us. Does all that make you feel sad? Don`t worry, it's okay, a lot of people struggle to find their true love. In fact, the smarter you are the harder it will be for you.

Bright Side has found a few reasons why we keep running from love and giving up on having a relationship. We might also have some advice for you on how to overcome this.

Thinking you are not beautiful enough

Maybe the girl you like is as adventurous and creative as your favorite aunt or the guy you're falling for likes dogs. You'll never really know why it happens. Love has a million reasons, but one thing is for sure - appearance is not the first on the list.

Advice: Stop spending hours in front of a mirror looking for imperfections and do more things that make you happy.

Looking for the perfect partner

There is no Prince Charming out there, but if there was he would might have had a terrible temper. That means we all need to lower our expectations.

This is not a bad thing and shouldn't completely destroy our hopes, it's just the reality and reality is much more interesting to be in, because it depends on you. Perfectionism in love and in life can make you unhappy.

Advice: Try to have a sense of humor, in a kind way, about people's weak or bad sides. Don't let them make you sad, angry, or disappointed.

Not taking hints

It could be that you're just missing it. Picking up hints is hard if you've never done it before. There are some social cues and gestures you might just not make sense. On the other hand, sometimes hints can feel like an unsolvable mystery. So it's better to just be straightforward and ask if you are confused.

Advice: Just pay attention!


Thanks to social media, сomparing has become the part of our self-identification and almost a disease. Are we spending our time like the people we see on Instagram, are we not, how many likes do we have today? All those questions are most likely making us nervous, and doesn't matter what the answer is.

There will always be someone cooler out there. This makes us feel vulnerable because it seems like they have a better life and friends than we have. That makes us feel insecure and even emotionally numb. And it's really hard to open our heart to love when we feel that way.

Advice: Instagram is not real. We can't say what people really do and how they look in real life. Often there is a group of people working for one account, creating a fake image of an ideal lifestyle. Just keep this in mind the next time you see the perfect photo of a model that makes you feel insecure.

Listening too hard to what your friends saying

Friends are always around to help you, but sometimes it's not good. We are all different and have different experiences. If one of your friends is bad at love and always disappointed in someone it can affect you and make you fear falling in love. Also, friends can be too protective or even jealous and make you stop before you even try.

Advice: Don't be scared by other people's experiences, take risks, analyze the situation by yourself, and ask for advice from your friends only if you desperately need it.

Realizing you might be intimidating

Enough about how you feel, let`s talk about how others around you feel. It could be that the behavior you understand as someone not being attracted to you is in fact just their fear.

Don't think that you are the only one who is scared to ask someone out or to talk to the guy or girl you like. Sometimes our aloofness or shyness can be seen as boredom or even irritation.

Advice: Ask a friend what their first impression was of you when you first met, you might be surprised. Smile more, talk to people, and try to get to know everyone better.

Looking for advice

Seems we can't sleep, take a shower, or even walk our dog without advice from the internet. And these tips are mostly written by people like you. Just remember, there is no right or wrong thing to do when it comes to love.

People, who succeed at something don't fully understand how it happened. And even if they did, it doesn't mean that the same tips will work for you. So, take our advice.

Advice: Stop looking for advice, turn off your computer, and just go out. Talk to people and look into their eyes. Your love is not far away, but you need to break some rules to get there!

What things do you agree with? What do you think will not work? Share with us in the comments below!

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