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This Couple Waited 70 Years to Take Their Wedding Pictures

This is Ferris and Margaret Romaire, and today they celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. We at Bright Side are excited to share their deeply touching love story.

Ferris is 90 years old, and Margaret is a year his junior. They got acquainted at a school desk, fell in love, and got married in 1946. However, the couple doesn't have a single photograph of that memorable day because none of their guests had a camera on them. That's why, after 70 years, professional wedding photographer Lara Carter offered them her help.

And here's the result:

"You can see the love between them in the way they interacted with each other and laughed together as we would go from the different poses. They are a beautiful example of what marriage is meant to be. They still live in the house they built together 65 years ago. They're not rich, but there's so much in common between them: their love for kids, their attitude to work, faith, and sense of humor," says Lara.

Preview photo credit Lara Carter
Based on materials from Lara Carter
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