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What Your Kissing Style Can Reveal About Your Relationship

Kissing is not only beautiful and pleasurable, but it also plays a major role in keeping a romantic bond strong. There are many types of kisses with different connotations. A gentle kiss says: “You are comfortable,” while the Spiderman kiss suggests spontaneity. So, this means the way you kiss your partner can actually decode your love affair.

We at Bright Side are in love with love and happy couples, so we gathered a list of 7 different kissing styles, showing what they might indicate about your relationship.

The gentle kiss

This is a delicate kiss in which the 2 partners softly touch their lips. It is a gesture that shows how close you are to your loved one and how comfortable you feel in this relationship. If you are a gentle kisser, you certainly enjoy some teasing and provoking your partner to desire more physical intimacy.

The cheek kiss

Giving your loved one gentle cheek kisses means your relationship is in a good place. It shows affection and the simple pleasure of each other’s company. It might also be a sign that your romantic relationship still has a solid friendship at its roots.

The Spiderman kiss

An iconic moment of the Spider-Man blockbuster movie was the “Spiderman kiss,” the scene where Peter (Tobey Maguire) was hanging upside down and Mary (Kirsten Dunst) gave him a passionate kiss.

Although this type of smooch is pretty impractical, doing it is a sign of spontaneity in your relationship and it means you like to improvise and find new ways to spice up your love life.

The angel kiss

If you find yourself softly kissing the closed eyelid of your partner, you can say you are giving “angel kisses.” This is an intimate act that symbolizes intense fondness and gives your loved one a sense of peace and security. If you prefer this sweet type of kiss, this means that you deeply love your better half and you enjoy making that person feel cherished.

The peck

This is a light and quick touch of the lips. Although it is simple, innocent, and not super romantic, you can use it to say “hello” or “goodbye” to your partner. If you are at the beginning of a new relationship, peck kisses are a great way to explore and test your chemistry. But if you give pecks on a daily basis, it could mean that you like to keep things fun and casual in your relationship.

The closed-mouth kiss

This one is similar to the peck, but it lasts longer. If this is your kissing style, it could indicate your relationship has some difficulties. The closed mouth kiss is a sign that you might not feel very comfortable with your partner and because of that you are putting up an emotional barrier. If you are unsure of your feelings, you should talk to your partner and try to work things out.

The French kiss

Ah, the master of all kisses, the French kiss! It expresses sensuality, desire, and romance. If Frenching is your style, then you surely are a passionate and adventurous lover. It might reveal the fact that there is a lot of physical attraction going on in your relationship and also some intense exploration, which could lead to a deeper connection between you and your partner.

What kissing style do you prefer? Is there any type of kiss that you haven’t tried yet but you’d like to? Please share your thoughts in the comment section!

Illustrated by Alena Tsarkova for Bright Side