Why It’s Better to Listen to Your Mom If She Says She Doesn’t Like Your Boyfriend

Finding someone you love and having your mother disapprove of that person can be truly heartbreaking. When that happens, it is normal to feel as if your mom doesn’t care about your happiness or understand you. But, when you dig deeper, you’ll realize that she loves you more than anything in this world.

Bright Side has found that, most times, if not all, it is better to listen to your mom when she disapproves of your date. Here’s why:

When you are in love, you can’t think straight.

Being in love can lead you to make bad decisions. It has been found that when a person is in love, their judgment gets blurred and they are not able to think straight. On the other hand, mothers are known to share the closest bond with their daughters and are capable of knowing when their child is in danger.

Instead of arguing, try to think from her perspective.

From bringing you into the world, to raising you as perfectly as she could, your mother has always been there for you and she only wants the best for you. She fears that if you end up with someone bad who will break your heart, you will shatter, which is why she wants to protect you.

A mother’s instinct is insanely powerful.

If she says she has a bad feeling, it might be her maternal instinct talking, which is known to be accurate most of the time. Moreover, remember, your mom was once a young girl too. She has gone through her share of heartbreaks and bad relationships, which is why she doesn’t want you to suffer through them too.

She thinks you deserve better.

To a mother, her child is the most precious creation in the world. You probably don’t see your worth, but your mom knows how amazing you are. Her reason for disapproving of your date could be the fact that she believes you deserve better. If you are sure that your boyfriend is right for you, try calming down and telling your mom about how wonderful he is, and how happy he makes you. If she sees it too, she will not want anything other than for you to be happy in your life.

Did your parents approve of your partner in one go? How did you convince them? Share your experience with us!

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