10+ Signs That Scream “He’s in Love With You!”

Hi everyone!

How are you guys? It’s so warm in my place now that autumn almost feels like spring. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, warm air is blowing through my hair, and I still don’t need to wear a hat. (Which I’m really HAPPY about because when I take it off my hair looks TERRIBLY flat. Brrr.) The only “typically spring” thing I miss is FALLING IN LOVE. Ahh... Love. What a feeling!

Speaking of love, here’s a letter from Zoey — she needs my advice.

Hi Zoey! Judging from what you’ve just told me, I suspect you are right and Tom is really into you. Turns out, blushing, giggling, and acting awkward are low-key signs of having a crush on someone, but there are also other signs!

Here they are.

  • He catches your every word. You mention the type of coffee you like and forget about the conversation, but the next day he brings you a cup of your favorite vanilla soy latte.
  • He has fun with you, no matter what you’re doing. Even if the 2 of you need to finish a big and complicated school project for the next day, he’ll find time to crack a joke and make you laugh.
  • He can’t take his eyes off you. Right, just like in that famous song.
  • He is always ready to support you. No matter what happens, he’ll be your supporter and shoulder to cry on (even if the situation is your fault).
  • He “mirrors” you. He tries to imitate your intonations, body posture, or gestures.
  • He wants to spend more time with you and get to know you better. He tries to find as many reasons to spend time with you as possible.
  • He does some little things for you. For example, he can suggest bringing you a snack from the school cafeteria or a book from the library.
  • He acts awkward when you’re around. When we try to make a good impression and make people like us, we often end up acting strange and clumsy.
  • He likes being closer to you. In a physical sense. When we like someone we often try to shorten the distance between us.
  • He notices every detail about you. You can be sure that he will notice when you cut your hair just a tiny bit!
  • He appears wherever you are. If he knows you like reading comics, he won’t miss the comics festival in your local bookstore, and you’ll meet him there.

So, Zoey, if you can think of at least a couple of things from this list that Tom is doing, that’s it! You are (most probably!) his someone special. But if you are still unsure if Tom is into you or not, just ask him! That’s THE BEST way to learn the truth!

Guys, have you ever been in love with someone? Were you showing any of these love signs to your crush?


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