10 Sleepover Ideas That’ll Keep You and Your Besties Busy the Whole Night

Hi everyone!

How have you guys been? I’ve just gotten back home from my best friend’s birthday party and it was A LOT of fun! My face is still sparkling with glitter, and I feel like I won’t eat anything sweet for at least A MONTH because we had so many chocolates, cakes, and ice cream, I just CAN’T! By the way, speaking of birthday parties, here’s a message I got from one of my followers:

Hi Helen! First of all, I’m sending you all my best wishes for your upcoming birthday. Have so much fun, girl! And, of course, I have a lot of ideas for the COOLEST SLEEPOVER PARTY EVER! Here are some things you can try to brighten up your birthday and make your party the highlight of conversation for many months to come! Guaranteed, you won’t have time to sleep!

  1. Play edible Jenga, it’s SO MUCH fun! Instead of traditional wooden Jenga pieces, take your favorite chocolates, cookies, or sweets, or cut your favorite fruits and vegetables and make a Jenga tower you can enjoy eating together when the tower falls!
  2. Cook DIY pizza together instead of ordering one from a restaurant. No need to choose a topping from a menu — you can make AS MANY DIFFERENT PIZZAS AS YOU WANT, from sweet to savory. Taste them all and decide which of the 20 (or more!) pizzas you and your besties cooked were the tastiest!
  3. Open your own beauty salon, just for one night. Look through all the saved images on your phone featuring the fanciest hairdos, the brightest nail designs, and the boldest makeup, and try them all together with your girls! A photoshoot showcasing your new looks is A MUST!
  4. Take turns telling scary stories, but take it to a whole new level. Instead of telling your sleepover horror stories while just sitting in bed, build an INDOOR CAMPSITE! Make a cozy tent out of bedsheets and put some mats inside so you all feel comfy. You can even ask your friends to bring their sleeping bags with them — this will all add up to a cozy camping atmosphere.
  5. Make some crazy-flavored popcorn to go with your scary stories! Ditch traditional salt and chocolate flavors and go for something truly extraordinary. Bacon, matcha, lemon zest, you name it!
  6. Build your own PHOTOBOOTH! It may sound difficult, but all you need is a fancy backdrop and your phone. Think of a cool backdrop in advance or create one together with your friends. It can be an Instagram cut-out frame, a floral wall, glitter, colored lights, or any other background you can think of.
  7. Design T-shirts that will remind you and your besties about the party. Buy several plain T-shirts, some fabric paint, glitter, or beads, and unleash your creativity! This video will give you lots of cool DIY T-shirt design ideas.
  8. Sing karaoke. Sing and dance like nobody’s watching and enjoy your favorite hits! If karaoke is something you’ve already tried, make YOUR OWN music video! Dress up, turn on your favorite song, grab a phone, and create your own video from your favorite song!
  9. Make a cool “kids’ favorite breakfast” featuring all the food you were not allowed to eat (or at least to eat A LOT of) as a little kid. Pancakes with chocolate, brownies, ice cream — binge eat whatever you want and don’t feel guilty!
  10. Don’t forget about customized goody bags! You can make cool colorful bags together, and after the party, your friends can pack snacks and crafts from your party in them and take them home!

I hope these ideas will make your birthday sleepover party FANTASTIC, Helen! Don’t forget to send me some photos of you having fun with your besties! He-he.

By the way, what is your most unforgettable birthday party, guys? Do you have any other cool sleepover ideas to share with Helen? Let’s chat in the comments!


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