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Halloween Party Ideas That Can Turn Your House Into a Spooky Castle

Hi, everyone!

How are you guys? The spooky season is coming and I’m thinking of how to decorate my house and what crazy Halloween costume to wear this year. I LOVE HALLOWEEN! It’s a night when you can become whoever and whatever you want, just give in to your imagination! So, these days, I’m spending more time watching videos and reading articles about Halloween costumes, decorations, and snacks (of course!), and I’m full of the coolest and craziest ideas! Seriously, I can’t wait to try all the DIYs I’ve found on the Internet!

By the way, here’s a message from my follower, Nicole, and it looks like she needs some Halloween inspiration!

Hi, Nicole! A Halloween party with friends sounds really cool! You guys set up a really nice tradition, good for you! Preparing an unforgettable party that people will buzz about for a long time will probably take quite a lot of time and effort, but IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Here are some snack, decoration, and game ideas you can try (I already want to use some of them for my party too)!


  • Add some frozen ghostly hands to your drinks to make them really spooky! You’ll need a few rubber gloves, some drinking water, a freezer, and the drink itself. Fill the gloves with water (the gloves have to be clean, of course), tie the ends, put them into the freezer, and once the water in the gloves is frozen, remove the gloves and put the icy hands into your party drink.
  • Cook some “witch fingers” out of cheddar cheese. These are ordinary cheese straws that are made to look spooky by adding almond “nails” that you can make red or black with the help of food coloring for a more dramatic effect.
  • “Mummy cupcakes” are quite easy to make (especially, if you buy plain cupcakes with no frosting in a bakery and just decorate them). Use some buttercream with food coloring to create mummy wrapping and add candy eyeballs.
  • Cook “eyeball” snacks by placing slices of cucumbers and olives (“pupils”) on top of cheesy pastry balls (“eyeballs”). This snack looks really spooky!
  • If you don’t want to spend much time cooking but still want a snack with Halloween vibes, here’s one of the easiest recipes. Melt some white chocolate, drop a spoonful onto the parchment paper, and spread the “ghost” with the back of the spoon. Place 2 chocolate chips to imitate eyes. The ghosts are ready!


  • What if the first thing your guests see when they enter your “spooky castle” is a huge SPIDER? Use 2 black balloons, some wire, and some fake black fur to make this unusual “pet.”
  • One of the easiest ways to make your house look eerie is by covering all your furniture with white sheets. This will make your house look like an old abandoned castle.
  • Add some “vampire bats” to your house. Just spray paint some dry leaves black and then draw bat faces on them with a white marker.
  • Another terrifyingly easy way to add to the creepy atmosphere of the party is to add self-adhesive googly eyes to veggies and fruits. Your guests will have a feeling someone’s watching them all the time!
  • A snake wreath is another piece of decoration that can surprise your guests. Take a few rubber snakes and weave them into a wreath using some twigs as support.


  • Make your guests bob for WORMS (gummy worms, of course). Put a gummy worm on a paper plate and cover it with whipped cream and let your guests dig the worms out with their mouths (their hands will be behind their backs).
  • Take several cubes or jars and mask them with black tape. Put foods with funny textures, like slimy, crunchy or sticky, inside. Label the boxes with the names of scary objects that resemble the products in the boxes when you touch them, and make your guests put their hands inside these boxes while you watch their reaction!

I hope these tips will help you prepare an UNFORGETTABLE Halloween party, Nicole! Don’t forget to send me some photos from your party!

How are you going to celebrate this Halloween, guys? Let’s chat in the comments!


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