How I Finally Convinced My Parents to Get Me a Dog

Hi everyone!

How have you been, guys? I’ve been walking my lovely dog, Jerry, for 2 hours, and now I look like a COMPLETE MESS! My hair is tangled, my jeans are dirty, and my white shirt (BAD choice for a dog walk) is covered in green stains because Jerry pulled me onto our neighbors’ freshly mowed lawn, dropped me, and then spent 15 minutes jumping on me and licking my face! Having a dog is SO MUCH FUN! He-he. I LOVE JERRY so much, even though loving him implies WASHING MY CLOTHES very often.

Speaking of dogs, I received a message from my follower, Valerie, and she’s dreaming of getting herself a dog. But...

Hi Valerie! I understand you very well, dear. My parents didn’t want “any pets in the house” at the beginning too, but I finally managed to convince them that getting a dog is a GOOD IDEA. It’s very important to try to CONVINCE your parents rather than just push them to do what you want. Who knows, maybe they are right and your family is not ready for a dog yet. Before getting a pet, you need to make sure that ALL FAMILY MEMBERS want it. No pushing.

In any case, you may want to try to convince your parents and help them LIKE the idea of getting a dog. Here’s what I did to help my parents change their minds, and maybe these tips can help you too!

  • I introduced the idea of a FAMILY PET. I didn’t say the dog was going to be ALL MINE. Instead, I told my parents that we all would enjoy the time with our family dog: walking in the park, hugging on the couch, and, of course, belly rubs. Who could resist that?
  • I told my parents that having a dog would make me HEALTHIER. Having a dog means spending more time walking outside, doing physical activities, and breathing in the fresh air instead of spending hours in front of the computer screen.
  • I told them that having a dog can make us all HAPPIER. Having a pet can make you feel better when you come back home after a hard day at school or work. A friendly pooch can make you feel calm, relaxed, and happy.
  • I explained to my parents how having a dog can make me MORE RESPONSIBLE. When you have a pet you take on all the responsibility for its well-being. You need to feed it on time, walk it, track its physical and mental health, and take your pet to the vet when it’s necessary. If this doesn’t make you more responsible, I don’t know what will!

These are the tricks I used to persuade my parents that getting a family dog was a good idea, and it worked! These tips may work for you too. By the way, getting a dog from a shelter is a cool idea! Why don’t you invite your parents to go together with you to your local shelter? Maybe they fall in love with the dogs there, and you won’t need to persuade them at all!

Keep me updated and tell me if your parents let you get a dog, Valerie! Good luck!

Do you have pets, guys? What did you do to convince your parents to let you have a pet? Let’s chat in the comments!


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