How I Got My Crush to Fall for Me (He Didn’t Even Notice)

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you guys know that you can ask me anything and share all your worries with me. I’m here to help, and together we can FIND A SOLUTION TO ANY PROBLEM! So, feel free to send me your messages, you know where to find me!

By the way, I was just checking my direct messages on Instagram and I found a message from a follower of mine named Sophia:

Sophia, believe me, I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL, because I’ve been there too. Your story reminded me of my first crush. I liked that boy SO MUCH that I was thinking about how to make him like me for days on end. Just like you, I asked my besties for some advice, and together we worked out a PLAN on how to WIN THE HEART of my crush.

First of all, I pulled myself together and OPENED UP about my feelings. I know it may sound SCARY, but believe me, an honest talk will break the ice between you. If you notice his interest in you (even if it’s very subtle at the beginning, IT’S A GOOD START!), you can do some sneaky and clever things that can make Bryan MORE interested in you and your relationship. And, if you do it right, WITHOUT PUSHING him, just like I did, IT CAN WORK!

So here’s what I did to let my crush know I liked him and make him fall for me. You could probably use at least a couple of these things with your crush, Bryan.

  • I asked him for little favors. For example, picking up a cinnamon bun for me from the cafeteria or helping me carry my books from the library. The point is, helping someone can make you feel positive about them.
  • I mimicked him in some subtle ways. For example, I noticed that my crush liked wearing blue clothes, so I got myself a blue T-shirt too. It creates the necessary connection between you and your crush, and they notice that the 2 of you have something in common.
  • I found the interests we shared and let him know about them. It turned out we both loved dogs and we ended up walking our pooches together every weekend.
  • I laughed at his jokes. They say the more you laugh together with someone, the more attracted to you they get. Also, don’t forget to tell a joke or 2 every once in a while. Let him laugh at your jokes too!
  • I was honest with him. I honestly shared my flaws and insecurities and it made him feel calm and safe when I was around. Soon he started sharing his insecurities and secrets with me too!
  • I spent a lot of time with him. How else can you get to know your crush better and let him know you better too?

There are NO UNIVERSAL TIPS that work for each and every couple. (I WISH there were!) But I hope some of these tips can help Sophia, and you, my dear followers, to get closer to your special ones.

By the way, did you guys do anything to make your crushes fall for you? Or did it all happen naturally? Tell me in the comments!

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