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I Got Braces and Everyone Calls Me Brace-Face

Hey besties, how is everything going on in your life? Did you enjoy seeing all your classmates again after your summer vacation? It went by so fast and it was one of the best summers in a long time. I hope all of you enjoyed it to the max and are fully recharged for a new year of adventures.

We know that Mrs. Drama never sleeps nor takes a vacation, so she is back again at it, in full force. One of my followers wrote me a letter and it brought me back to my teenage years and filled me up with nostalgia. Here it is:

Kaylee, thank you so much for your message. I’ve been in your shoes before, so I think I have the perfect advice for you.

  • Take this experience as a lesson. You’ll see who your real friends are. Look around a bit and pay attention to who is actually calling you names. Is it a real friend? You’ll probably notice these people were never your friends. Now you know better who to keep around you and who exactly is not worth your time and attention.
  • They’ll regret it one day. Every person that has called you names will regret it and bite their lip when they see your perfect smile. They’ll wish they had braces too. They’ll be jealous of your smile and believe me when I say that your new smile will light up a dark room.
  • Take advantage of your braces. Snap a pic of your lovely braces, share an Instastory, pull an alarm signal, and try to raise awareness on this sort of bullying. Talk to other friends who have braces and have noticed more negativity. Make up a hashtag like “BracesOnHatersOff” and spread the word.
  • Appreciate your parents. I remember when I had my braces, they were really expensive. My mother had to save up and pay in installments just to help me have a beautiful smile. When you grow a bit older, you’ll see how many sacrifices your parents made just so your life can be easier.
  • It’s not all about looks. If you take a moment to really think about it, you’ll see that looks are not as important as people everywhere make them seem. When things go sideways, what matters is who is really there for us, not who made a comment about our appearance.

Dear besties, have you or a friend of yours ever had braces? How did you respond to people who had bad things to say about you? How do you stand up for your friends when they need your support?

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